Make more ice water hash efficiently – The Bruteless Basic System allows you to wash up to 5,000 grams of fresh frozen material, or 5 pounds of dry buds per cycle.

Protects Trichomes – The Bruteless Basic System features an integrated stainless steel false bottom that keeps your filter bags and ice away from the hash.

Complete Hash Washing System – You get everything you need to start hash washing in a single system. From hoses to pumps, you’ll be separating trichomes in an instant.

Less Ice consumption – Each vessel on the Brute Basic System comes with a 1-inch cryogenic sleeve that allows for less ice usage and is washable too.


  • 30-gallon capacity
  • Wash up to 5,000 grams of fresh or 5 pounds of dry buds
  • Made of food-grade, sanitary welded steel
  • Best for solventless workflows
  • Less ice usage
  • Comes with lifetime customer support
  • Steel components covered with a two-year warranty
  • Insulation jacketing, gaskets, clamps, and fittings covered with a one-year warranty

Base Hash Washing System – PurePressure Bruteless


Elevate your ice water hash production with the Bruteless Basic Hash Washing System – a transformative addition to your processing workflow.

Designed to accommodate up to 5,000 grams of fresh frozen buds or 5 pounds of dry material, its 30-gallon wash vessel is ideal for large-scale operations.

Featuring high-quality, lab-grade components, this system is perfectly suited for solventless workflows that demand efficiency and high throughput.

For those aiming to scale their ice hash production, the system includes 30-gallon drain vessels and advanced upgrades for optimized washing and draining processes.

Constructed from food-grade, sanitary welded steel, it ensures the safety and purity of your product. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime of customer support, providing peace of mind for all users.

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