AUVS Bio Protector 3131

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The AUVS BP 3131 is the commercialized version of the Department of Defense Flowing Air HVAC Pathogen Disinfection Systems. The AUVS BP 3131 technology is based on a patented, innovative UV enhancement or “photon multiplication” technology that permits the use of relatively low-power UV sources to achieve high microbial kills. This technology permits the creation of very intense, highly uniform UV doses without increasing the input power.

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The AUVS BP 3131 accomplishes disinfection of rapidly moving air using a highly reflective chamber to contain and multiply the flux from high power UV lamps. The size of the chamber is designed to provide adequate dose for a specified airflow volume. Specifically, a given airflow volume along with the size of the chamber defines an airflow velocity in ft/min and a dwell time in the chamber in seconds. This in turn, along with the UV power defines the dose accumulated by a volume of air and the resulting level of disinfection.

  • Airborne Viruses are killed, not trapped
  • Third-Party testing with aerosolized MRSA and an
  • EPA accepted surrogate for SARS-CoV2
  • Confirmed kill rates of Up to 99.9992% with a 1-Second Pass.
  • In practical use, air will run through the system continuously
  • Air going through the HVAC return is retreated
  • Low pressure drop makes for easy retrofits into existing HVAC systems
  • Performance is continuously monitored
  • Low energy costs
  • Offers low cost of ownership and operation
  • Improved indoor air quality