5 Gallon All Mesh Bubble Bags 8-Set


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Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co. 5 Gallon All Mesh Bubble Bags 8 Set are made with ultra-durable nylon mesh so you can get the most out of your wash. Easily extract herbs, oils, coffee, and more using our premium Bubble Bags. 

These bags are an all-mesh design which means they will drain more quickly than their cloth/mesh counterparts. 

5 gallon bubble bags can handle about ½ pound of flower material at a time. 

The 5 Gallon All Mesh Bubble Bags 8 Set includes whichever 8 bags you would like for your set. The micron sizes offered include: 220µ, 190µ, 160µ, 120µ, 90µ, 73µ, 45µ, and 25µ. Each micron bag will “catch” different material during an extraction. Here is a quick guide to which microns will catch what quality material.

More Info on 5 Gallon All Mesh Bubble Bags 8 Set

Micron (with corresponding bag color) Quality of Material
220µ Work bag used to catch unwanted plant material. Usually trash.
190µ Usually more plant material is caught here and can be trashed.
160µ Can be quality material. May be lower quality that has other uses such as edibles or pre rolls.
120µ Top Quality
90µ Top Quality
73µ Great Quality
45µ May be decent quality, but could be lower quality and used for edibles or pre rolls
25µ Food grade. Can be used for edibles.


Which Micron Bubble Bags to Choose

We always suggest having the 220µ Bubble Bag in every set. This bag is used to catch unwanted plant material that would otherwise contaminate your extract.

The other 7 Bubble Bags you choose are entirely up to you. Ask yourself what your goals are and refer to the chart above for which micron Bubble Bags can help you achieve those goals. We suggest a higher micron like the 190µ or the 160µ, then either 120µ, 90µ or 73µ, and finally either the 45µ or the 25µ. Any combination of these will do. 

Popular combinations include: 220µ/120µ/73µ/25µ, 220µ/120µ/90µ/25µ, 220µ/160µ/90µ/45µ

If you would like some 1-on-1 help determining which Bubble Bags are right for you, contact us here or message our website chat by clicking the circle in the bottom right corner of the screen.



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