Alien Hydroponics V-System Deep Water Culture Kit – Key Features:

  • Venturi Valve Technology: The V-System deep water culture kit optimizes oxygenation for healthier root zones.
  • Temperature Control: Built-in temperature control reduces root rot chances in the V-System hydroponic kit.
  • Modular Design: Customize the bucket layout to expand your system with up to four rows and ten pots in each row for optimal distribution.
  • Equal Nutrient Distribution: Ensure all plants grow healthy with the V-System hydroponic bucket system’s equal nutrient distribution.

Alien Hydroponics V-System 4 Pot Highlights

Alien Hydroponics V-System 4 Pot Deep Water Culture System


The Alien Hydroponics V-System Deep Water Culture Kit is specially designed for tight spaces. This innovative hydroponic system elevates plant growth to new heights. With top-notch features, expect thriving plants and impressive yields.

Say goodbye to clogged airstones and complex air pumps - the V-System uses Venturi Valve Technology to ensure your plant roots get the perfect oxygen levels. Plus, it creates a powerful vortex to distribute nutrients evenly. 🌪️

With its modular design, you can adapt the layout as your garden grows, and the temperature control feature keeps your water cool to prevent root rot. 🌡️

Upgrade your gardening experience with the V-System - the future of indoor plant cultivation awaits! 🚀 #AlienHydroponics #PlantCare #IndoorGardening

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