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AirMed Canada

AirMed Canada

Created by Canadians for the Canadian cannabis industry, AirMed is an award-winning cannabis management system that helps producers across the globe


Make Your Own Bliss! Become a Beuhi™ Buddy Today.

Beuhi is redefining home candy making with the revolutionary flavor and infusion system of its sleek countertop appliance.

black dog led

Black Dog LED

We’re devoted to providing the best artificial grow lighting possible. We continuously run experimental grows, testing new technology and ideas to ensure our lights are the best you can buy.

blazy susan

Blazy Susan

Rolling Trays, Rolling Papers, Smoking Accessories, Dabbing Accessories, & more! Try the Blazy Susan rolling tray and transform your cluttered coffee table into a tidy and organized conversation piece.



BudTank, powered by Buddy, is a world-leading company in vaping industry. Drawing from over a decade of industry experience, Buddy has earned a stellar reputation for delivering top-quality vaping hardware and innovative solutions. 

cannabis testing simplified

Cannabis Testing Simplified

We offer an affordable HPLC for testing hemp and cannabis. At USD$14,990, our HPLC tests THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBGA, CBN, and mycotoxins. 

clean imagineering

Clean Imagineering

Clean Imagineering specializes in providing exclusive clean manufacturing solutions for CO2 extraction and CO2 precision cleaning. Clean Manufacturing, Reimagined.

dr. dabber

Dr. Dabber

As a technology-driven vaporizer company, Dr. Dabber focuses on creating products that are custom-tailored to our customers’ needs. We understand those needs better than most because we’re just like you. 



Our expertly designed cannabis drying hangers will ensure your product dries evenly for optimal quality. The cannabis drying kit offers an efficient solution for perfect curing every time. 



Blowout and heat resistant filter bags for solventless extraction. Heat-Resistant Filter Bags for Solventless Extraction Operation.



Eteros Technologies is a semiconductor engineering services company bringing best-in-class expertise – from specification to design and development.

green goddess supply

Green Goddess Supply

We have been working hard to design and perfect the highest quality products in each sub-category, bringing you only the very best. Our mantra is to “delight our customers with quality products.”

grove bags

Grove Bags

At Grove Bags, we’re committed to setting new standards of excellence within the cannabis industry. We aim to establish TerpLoc® as the gold standard in cannabis packaging worldwide, wherever cannabis is enjoyed.

Happy Hydro

Happy Hydro

Superior Gardening Products — 97% Of Our Orders Ship Within 24 Hours And 91% Are Received Within 5 Business Days. Get the best prices on top indoor gardening brands with free shipping over $49.

Hey abby

Hey abby

Hey abby OG hydroponic growing system utilizes state of the art technology to simulate sunlight, monitor and regulate environmental factors, and maintain healthy water circulation.

industrial sonomechanics

Industrial Sonomechanics

ISM offers bench and commercial-scale ultrasonic liquid processors, also called ultrasonic homogenizers, ultrasonic mixers, sonochemical reactors or ultrasonic wet milling systems. 



Over half-a-million consumers use the Jointly app to shop cannabis and enhance their lives every day. Your listing gets you in front of this growing community.

kahmir 420


Kashmir420 is a franchise brand for Inter Continental Trading USA Inc., a company that specializes in importing and distributing high-quality tobacco products.

mushroom supplies

Mushroom Supplies

Choose us as your go-to supplier for all your mushroom growing needs. We look forward to helping you embark on your journey into the fascinating world of mushroom cultivation!

mycology supply

Mycology Supply

Our premium manure substrate gives the best yield in the shorted time. Use the best yielding mushroom substrate for your grow. Grow Mushrooms At Home. Organic Mushrooms.

natuur brands

Natuur Brands

Our mission
Natuur is an ingredient innovation company focused on developing groundbreaking new technologies for infused products.

one supply

One Supply

Your one-stop-shop for all automation equipment needs in the Nutraceutical, Natural health and Cannabis industries.

pass your test

Pass Your Test was created to provide the best quality detoxification products to help individuals cleanse their bodies of toxins. 

planet earth garden Supply

Planet Earth Garden Supply

Planet Earth Garden Supply is your one-stop shop for all your farm and garden supplies. 


SafetyNet America

SafetyNet’s new “Enhanced Bio-Security Program” sets a new standard for remediation of pathogens such as bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus in a variety of markets.



From incredible flavors to simply quenching your thirst, our Shimmer Seltzer covers all bases!



Stündenglass designs quality made products with innovative engineering for the highest quality smoking solution.



tCheck is a home cannabis testing device that makes it simple and quick to measure the THC potency of your infusion, concentrate, or raw flower.



Simplify your extraction process with Trim2Oil’s cutting-edge equipment and technologies. Explore rosin presses, ethanol extractors, and more.



Cultivate, Harvest, Extract, Post-Production: Explore Trimleaf’s Wide Equipment Selection. From cultivation to post-production, discover top-quality equipment & support at Trimleaf



A world leader in the product identification market, providing in-line printing, coding and marking products, application-specific fluids, and product life cycle services. 



VZTEC Industrial Equipment is the number one resource for industrial hemp and cannabis services and products

yo dabba dabba

Yo Dabba Dabba

Yo Dabba Dabba carries nails, dabbers, rigs and enails. Including all the major dabbing brands like Terp Tubes, SkilleTools, & Dabber Docks.