Preventing Dangerous Bio-Contaminants in Cannabis Facilities: A 3-Step Proactive Approach

by | Dec 21, 2022


Written by Kristina Etter

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Learn how PathogenDx and SafetyNet offer affordable and proactive solutions to prevent bio-contaminants in cannabis facilities.

In a real-world environment, Cannabis Tech spoke with PathogenDx and SafetyNet into a cannabis cultivation facility for environmental testing and remediation. As critical components to any integrated pest management (IPM) program, we explore why growers must take a proactive approach to cleaning and decontaminating their operation.

In this episode of A Tech Moment, we’re speaking with Milan Patel, CEO at PathogenDx, and Ron Romano and Jim Harris from SafetyNet about how these two industry solutions deliver a proactive approach to cannabis facility environmental testing.

Proactive Approach to Preventing Bio-Contaminants in Cannabis Facilities

American writer, Jonathan Raymond, is attributed to the quote, “You can’t know what you don’t know. You can’t know about things you have yet to discover.” And that cannot be more true than it is in the cannabis industry.

As science continues to change what we know about cannabis, commercial cultivators must adjust their approach. Investigative reporting uncovered pesticides in cannabis concentrates in 2015, ultimately leading to changes in how concentrates are produced and tested.

There is a wide range of bio-contaminants in cannabis facilities. Some of them could lead to decrease yields or total crop loss. Others could cause potential health problems for consumers and lawsuits for producers.

bio-contaminants in cannabis

Cleaning is Not the Same as Disinfecting

Regular cleaning schedules are a starting point and should be implemented as a standard operating procedure in all cultivation operations. However, our guests in this podcast emphasize that cleaning isn’t the same as decontaminating.

Likewise, dirty doesn’t necessarily translate to contaminated. However, to know the difference, growers must also implement regular pathogen screening tests in their facilities. With the proper testing, grow managers can identify where the problem areas are and implement remediation and decontamination efforts.

Additionally, regular testing can help producers discover where the problems lie and the source of the leakage.

Affordable Solutions to Prevent Bio-Contaminants in Cannabis

Most importantly, Milan and Ron emphasize that solutions for preventing bio-contaminants in cannabis facilities are not expensive. The technology is quite affordable and prevents more significant, most costly problems down the road.

As the industry continues to inch toward federal changes, clean room processes and IPM programs will be deciding factors for investors and financiers. Milan also points out that federal regulations are coming, and when that happens, being ahead of the curve is the best place to be.

Watch the podcast now to learn more about the PathogenDx testing process and what they discovered at a working cannabis facility, and how SafetyNet’s solutions were implemented to help remediate the problems they found.

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