aeroponics, growX, precision automation

What is Aeroponic Cannabis Cultivation?

by | Dec 3, 2019

aeroponics, growX, precision automation

Written by Kristina Etter

Kristina is a digital content creator and designer. She has a talent for creating engaging and informative content that resonates with our professional audience. Kristina’s passion for the cannabis industry stems from her belief that it has the potential to revolutionize the world in many ways, and has a personal testimony of cannabis success.

Cannabis is a fascinating plant to study, although the cultivation process is long and meticulous. Today, marijuana growing and cultivation keep evolving in order to achieve the best harvest methods. There are multiple ways to grow marijuana, including soil, hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics. The systems have their pros and cons and different success rates. Depending on the goal of the cultivators, aeroponics, which has been on since the ’20s, offers significant advantages. Let’s explore the different cultivation methods as well as go through the benefits and drawbacks of the aeroponics technology. Why is aeroponics a sought-after practice today?

Other Growing Systems

Like most plants, cannabis has been cultivated for medicinal and recreational purposes for a long time. Soil is still an effective, popular growing method, for example, in many legal states and regions.  This natural growing method doesn’t require much work apart from the right climate. Cultivators shall also check out the pH level of the water in the soil to ensure healthy crop growth. Yet growing in soil can be very long (up to 6 months), and growing in this medium can mean a plethora of challenges and complexities. 

Over soil has developed the famous hydroponic system,  which consists of adding nutrients to a water-based solution. For instance, coconut fiber has proven to help cannabis plants grow faster and bigger. With this method, the harvests occur at a quicker rate while the plant can develop healthy, bigger buds. However, the hydroponic system requires constant human assistance, and the plants may be prone to infection.

An aquaponics system is a synergy between hydroponic and another aquatic method. The system combines traditional aquaculture, similar to the one used to raise fishes; the water used for hydroponics circulates back to the aquaculture system, creating a healthy synergy. Although this method is great to save on water and fertilizer, it’s a long and painful process which also requires time and adjustment to find the right “eco-balance.”

The  Advantages and Drawbacks of Aeroponics 

Aeroponics has gotten popular over the years as one of the most sought-after technology to cultivate cannabis plants. Working in a climate-controlled environment, aeroponics is a method of growing cannabis plants in the air, with nutrients infused in water that’s sprayed over the plant. Although expensive, the aeroponics system is excellent for speeding up harvest and controlling bacterial spread, making it an ideal growth system for optimizing yields.  

Experiences from cultivators have shown that, despite all the various growing systems, efficiency isn’t always about speed, but about the steady and slow growth of the plant. The aim of the aeroponics system is to achieve excellent yields, where the buds feel the same and have the same amount of active components. One of the most significant advantages of aeroponics is it saves a tremendous amount of water and also reduces the risk of micro-bacterial diseases. 

Plus, with aeroponics technology, cultivators create sustainable growth in the high-density system, which results in a 98 percent success rate for a shorter period of time (within less than a month over up to six months compared to traditional farming methods). One issue linked to aeroponics, though, is the constant use of energy to cultivate the plants. Lastly, the growing system has a high cost. However, it enables farmers to achieve quality, increased yields, and standardization.

Aessence Grows: A Leader in Aeroponics

Thanks to aeroponics, which takes the best of hydroponics, cultivators are able to automate the process and entirely control the full lifecycle of the plant growth. Aessence Grows is an innovative aeroponics company that relies on the latest precision sensing technology and software to control the nutrients. The innovation and technology used by Aessence is named “AEtrium,” a system that executes and monitors the nutrients dosages. 

The technique eliminates the inflow and outflow of new and used soil, liberating harvesters from enormous labor expenses. This technique is also efficient at pest management and yields in 40% more blooms. Lastly, the system monitors everything around the plant, such as CO2, humidity, temperature, and pH, freeing cultivators from traditional hassles and helping them at performing better at their jobs. 

Today, Aessence Grows is one of the greenest actors concerned with growth, sustainability, and rampant human consumption. The company is proud to provide one of the safest, cleanest, and most sustainable medicinal production of cannabis plants. Aessence Grows focuses on technology, efficiency, and the future of growing marijuana with the highest ethical standards, making it one of the “go-to” companies to grow and harvest cannabis.