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Unleash the Power of Green Wednesday: Last Minute Strategies for Cannabis Businesses in 2023

by | Nov 21, 2023

green wednesday

Written by Kristina Etter

Kristina is a digital content creator and designer. She has a talent for creating engaging and informative content that resonates with our professional audience. Kristina’s passion for the cannabis industry stems from her belief that it has the potential to revolutionize the world in many ways, and has a personal testimony of cannabis success.

In the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis celebrations, one day has risen to heights rivaled only by the most iconic of cannabis holidays—Green Wednesday. Taking place on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, this cannabis-specific extravaganza has become synonymous with savings, sweet deals, and a festive spirit that echoes the energy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Statistics from 2022 speak volumes about the growing significance of Green Wednesday. With an estimated $116.4 million in sales, it secured its place as the second busiest day of the year for cannabis retailers, closely trailing behind the legendary 420 celebrations. As cannabis legalization continues to spread across states and more retailers catch on to the trend, the anticipation is high for Green Wednesday to solidify its position as a major annual event in the cannabis industry.

To unravel the intricacies of navigating Green Wednesday and the holiday season for cannabis businesses, we sat down with Jesse Burns, a seasoned veteran in the cannabis marketing realm. Jesse’s journey in the industry spans an impressive 15 years, where he served as the marketing director for Sweet Grass, a leading edible brand in Colorado’s baked goods category. In 2020, he assumed the role of Chief Marketing Officer at Grasslands, bringing his wealth of experience and passion for meaningful connections to the forefront.

green wednesday

In our exclusive conversation, Jesse shares insights into the evolution of cannabis holiday promotions, the strategies businesses can employ to thrive on Green Wednesday (even last minute!), and the power of direct mail in building personalized relationships and crafting experiences and narratives that endure.

“In my 15 years in cannabis, I’ve witnessed the evolution of holiday promotions. It’s not just about stoner culture anymore; it’s about enabling diverse cultures around this plant as people get comfortable with it,” he shared.

Green Wednesday: The Cannabis Shopping Extravaganza

As the cannabis industry and its consumers continue to shape new traditions, Green Wednesday emerges as a vibrant and essential celebration for cannabis enthusiasts. Positioned strategically on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, it has swiftly climbed the ranks, securing its status as the go-to holiday for cannabis consumers. 

The rising significance of Green Wednesday presents a golden opportunity for cannabis brands.

Capitalizing on Green Wednesday: A Prime Time for Loyalty

Green Wednesday isn’t just a day for consumers to stock up on their favorite cannabis products; it’s a canvas for brands to paint their narrative in bold strokes. With the festive spirit in full swing, consumers are eager to explore, experience, and, most importantly, indulge. This presents a unique chance for cannabis brands to craft special promotions that not only entice but create a lasting impression.

Whether they’re buying for themselves, or want to prepare for the annual after-dinner walk with their favorite cousin, consumers are stocking up for the holidays. Jesse explained, “Green Wednesday is the 2nd biggest event after 4/20. It’s a prime time for driving loyalty; people are less price-sensitive, and it’s an opportunity to bring in new customers.”

Irresistible Holiday Promotions: Crafting Unforgettable Moments

From his days at Sweet Grass, Jesse knows that discounts and deals are valuable ways to draw potential customers in, but he suggests a twist to bring them back a second time. “Discounts and BOGOs are incredibly powerful. Run the promotion for Green Wednesday and build in a bounce-back deal to show appreciation for loyalty in those micro-moments.”

He suggested offering a promotion for the big day, but then offering the same deal if they come back in two weeks. This can help build repeat visits, increase loyalty, and ensure future sales.

In the realm of Green Wednesday promotions, the magic lies in the irresistible. Limited edition deals and boomerang offers take center stage by creating an atmosphere of excitement and exclusivity. These aren’t just discounts; they are experiences, carefully designed to leave a mark on the consumer’s journey. The strategy extends beyond the immediate transaction, as Jesse suggests, with the implementation of bounce-back deals—a testament to the brand’s commitment to building lasting relationships.

To really navigate the landscape of successful Green Wednesday promotions, Jesse reminds us that it’s a matter of learning year over year what works and what doesn’t. Campaigns that seamlessly blend creativity, value, and consumer connection will stand out. 

Whether it’s a limited edition product that sparks interest or a BOGO deal that invites customers back for more, learn from your failures and mimic the success stories that leave a lasting impression.

green wednesday

Direct Connection, Direct Mail: Building Personalized Relationships

As the holiday season beckons, the focus shifts from just transactions to building genuine connections. Direct mail emerges as a potent tool, offering a tangible touch-point that transcends the digital noise. Jesse emphasizes the effectiveness of this approach, urging businesses to go beyond the ordinary.

A Goodwill Gesture Speaks a Thousand Words

In terms of relationship building and B2B networking, Burns has more of an old-school approach to holidays. “Hand-written holiday cards to clients can be a powerful tactic. It’s about doing favors and creating goodwill during the holidays,” he recommended.

A big fan of direct mail campaigns, Jesse explained, “Direct mail, a simple touch-point, can be wildly successful. Send intentional gifts like socks, not overbranded swag, to show value and simply say, ‘I’m thinking about you.'”

In the realm of direct mail, the key lies in the choice of gifts. Jesse advocates for intentional and thoughtful presents, steering clear of overbranded swag. From a pair of socks to hand-written Christmas cards, these gestures transcend mere marketing; they become expressions of goodwill and genuine care. This personalized touch not only fosters a connection but leaves a lasting impression on the recipient.

Jesse emphasized the re-emergence of direct mail and sending packages, emphasizing the emotional impact of receiving something tangible in a post-pandemic world. The pandemic forced a new appreciation for deliveries and packages. Brands, he suggests, can leverage this resurgence to create memorable moments that extend beyond the transaction.

Empowering Cannabis Culture: Social Media Platforms Beyond the Obvious

In the digital realm, Jesse points out the untapped potential of lesser-known platforms like Reddit and Pinterest. These platforms, with their less stringent rules, provide a unique space for cannabis brands to connect with their audience authentically. By inspiring and empowering users to explore their own cannabis culture, brands can foster a sense of validation and legitimacy.

Social media promotions walk a fine line on most platforms, with strict guidelines and rules about what is allowed within their community standards. Using social media as a third or fourth touchpoint, not only allows consumers to validate your brand, but it can take the pressure off your social media team by allowing them to create content that speaks to the brand’s values and voice, and less about sales and promotion.

‘Tis the Season of Giving and Charitable Initiatives

As the holiday season unfolds, the cannabis industry intertwines its roots with the spirit of giving. Beyond the Green Wednesday festivities and captivating promotions, businesses find resonance in aligning with causes that resonate with their audience’s hearts.

Introducing a paradigm shift, Burns suggests brands move beyond the transactional and dive into the realms of impact and community building. By aligning with causes close to the audience’s hearts, cannabis businesses engage in a thoughtful, low-touch tactic. The holidays, often characterized by warmth and generosity, provide the perfect backdrop for these initiatives.

Community Engagement: Inspire and Uplift

Jesse further emphasized the importance of empowering communities through charitable actions. From coat drives to food drives, simple initiatives can create a powerful impact, resonating with the audience on a personal level. The aim is to go beyond the product or service, fostering a sense of connection and shared values.

Jesse said, “Leverage those good emotions and positive vibes during the holidays. Coat drives, food drives, simple things that matter to audiences, can create a strong human connection.”

In a world where consumers seek authenticity, these charitable initiatives become a conduit for businesses to showcase their human side. By tapping into the emotional undercurrent of the holiday season, cannabis brands have the opportunity to not just sell a product but to become a part of the consumer’s cherished festive memories and help empower them to create their own cannabis culture and traditions.

“Doing Well by Doing Good”

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) takes center stage in Jesse’s narrative. It’s not just about transactions; it’s about weaving a narrative that echoes the values and causes that matter. This aligns seamlessly with the ethos of the cannabis industry, where the focus extends beyond profits to the impact on the community.

“On a big-picture level, brands grow through light and medium purchasers. ‘Doing Well by Doing Good’ is not just a slogan; it’s a strategy to drive real profitability through economies of scale,” he explained.

Jesse’s perspective transcends mere marketing tactics; it’s a call to redefine the approach and mindset. Taking baby steps, embracing the learning process, and understanding that there are no bad ideas—only opportunities to refine execution—are the hallmarks of a compassionate and community-centric cannabis business during the festive season.

“There are no bad ideas, but there are bad ways to execute ideas,” Jesse elaborated. If you do fail, he adds, “Fail, but fail quickly and learn from your mistakes.”

In the world of Green Wednesday and beyond, it’s not just about promotions; it’s about creating experiences, fostering connections, and leaving a mark on the hearts of consumers. So, as the cannabis industry gears up for the festive season, let the spirit of Green Wednesday be a reminder that in every promotion, every gesture, and every act of goodwill, there’s an opportunity to make a lasting impact and spread the joy of the season.

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