DIY cannabis edibles

Easy DIY Cannabis Edibles: Top 5 Infusion Technologies

by | May 13, 2022

DIY cannabis edibles

Written by Casia Lanier

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There are three main methods by which cannabis can be consumed: orally, topically, and via inhalation. DIY cannabis edibles have become a popular method for cannabis consumers.

Cannabis consumption offerings are becoming more diverse every year, and products are now easier than ever to create in both factories and home kitchens. Fortunately, the market’s changing landscape is being met with equally democratizing extraction technologies to produce new and emerging cannabis-infused products with lower barriers to entry. This is especially true for making DIY cannabis edibles.

Although edibles make up only around 13% of cannabis market sales, this increasingly popular sub-category market has an estimated CAGR of almost 22% during this current five-year forecast period. 

Solution-based companies are getting ahead of the curve by providing infusion-technology solutions for consumers and emerging cannabis businesses. Anyone can use infusion technology to incorporate a variety of cannabinoids into oils, tinctures, topical products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and countless edible goods.

This technology is no longer limited to big businesses with explosive budgets for R&D. It is now accessible to small startups and expanding businesses. And individual cannabis consumers can get in on the action, with most infusion-technology products costing just a few hundred dollars.

Machines for Making DIY Cannabis Edibles

Here are the five companies that are making technology for your DIY cannabis edibles:


Magical Butter started on the market as a method to extract botanical essences to treat illnesses but has pivoted to the cannabis niche, with significant medical cannabis following.

The Magical Butter Machine, MD2e, is an excellent option for chefs and small cannabis business owners that want to dip their toes into the edibles space without much experience or initial investment. The $225 product aims to give business owners a market edge by producing ready-to-consume, infused edibles within just a few hours. The three-step process converts dry cannabis flowers into richly infused oil or butter with the click of a button. The machine’s microprocessor-controlled program sequences give users some control of the final product but provide minimal options for ease of use and consistent quality.


The LĒVO II weighs in as the most expensive cannabis infuser with its modern aesthetic design that mimics a mid-tier coffee maker. Its popularity with both cannabis and non-cannabis chefs makes it ideal for a wide range of culinary recipes. The $300 machine comes in seven colors and even offers options to bundle your purchase into a Gummy Making Kit.

LEVO Oil Infuser Products, DIY Cannabis Edibles

The brand’s creator and CEO, Christina Bellman, intended for the LEVO II to make cooking with cannabis more accessible for home cooks, but the brand’s success and economical price point are making it somewhat of a culinary standard for cooks and chefs. This appliance easily produces THC and CBD-infused lip balms, gummy bears, and cannabutter, its duplicity as a chef’s must-have tool propels this product into the next must-have cooking item.


Ardent offers a small, all-in-one solution with its Ardent FX and the compact version, Nova, for $290 and $210, respectively. This personal blender-sized infuser is a one-button-multifunction tool that provides an inconspicuous way to prevent cannabis odor from being released. It only requires about 1.5 hours to produce decarboxylated cannabis flowers ready for extraction.

Ardent Store Banner, diy cannabis edibles

However, one drawback with Ardent’s Nova is that users must perform an additional step after the decarboxylation process. Before infusion, users need not take out the decarboxylated cannabis, mix it into its target medium, reseal the new mixture in the machine to run an additional cycle, and then strain the final product before infusion begins. And while the savings for the smaller Nova are significant, newer, inexperienced users may want to opt for the simpler, Ardent FX.


Hi’s Next Generation Herbal Infuser is the best time-saving edibles solution on this list, with a rapid processing time of as little as 45 minutes, and options of up to four hours for alcoholic-beverage infusions. With a single touch of a button, this blender look-alike can infuse raw products into just about anything, including tinctures, gummies, sweeteners, vodka, and butter for cookies, such as those enjoyed by Tommy Chong.  

The Hi Herbal Infuser also comes in a compact version, called the Small Batch Infuser for just $228. But the $10 price difference is small enough to send most consumers to the slightly bigger and more advanced, standard version. And with a sleek stainless steel design, this infuser will last a long time, making this the optimum buy for businesses and consumers looking to branch out into more niche edible products.


For extremely budget-friendly and discreet infusion solutions for personal or small-scale business use, the Haavitek Oil Infuser is the perfect option for only $30. This low-tech method is instinctual for those familiar with making Italian-style stove-top coffee.

The pot comes with a cannabutter cookbook with accompanying instructions for making up to two sticks of infused butter or oil at a time. And this electricity-free solution makes edibles even more appealing and conformable for the everyday edible consumer.