Top 3 Ways to Use Your Tech Degree in Cannabis

by | Mar 9, 2022

Written by Hannah Izer

The states that have legalized cannabis have collectively gained more than $10 billion in cannabis tax revenue since the first legal sales started back in 2014, according to the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) report in January.

Given unprecedented expansions, many job opportunities are in high demand in the cannabis industry. 

#1: Computer Science

The cannabis industry is massive. Cannabis companies need employees with tech degrees who will help control and manage IT systems or POS systems within cannabis businesses. Now is the time if you are looking to pursue a tech career in the cannabis world.

Companies like CyberCoders, a recruiting firm with computer science cannabis jobs available in Denver, Colorado, pay web developers in the average range of $140,000 per year. In addition, this platform works to recruit for software technology companies in the cannabis industry. They help find matches that offer benefits such as 401k plans, paid time off, health insurance, stocks, and dental insurance.

In San Jose, California, Green Bits is another cannabis company that employs people who have degrees in computer science. The company provides retail point of sale solutions to the legal cannabis market and offers a good salary for software engineers.

These are a couple of examples of cannabis companies that are always looking for degrees in Computer Science that will best help serve this sector of the cannabis space. There are endless types of jobs within the computer science sector of the cannabis industry, and there is a demand for professionals with technical knowledge who want to bring that to a cannabis space. 

#2: Cybersecurity

Gaining an undergraduate cybersecurity degree is a technical degree that offers the knowledge needed to protect and defend computer networks, operating systems, and data from cyberattacks.

This degree focuses on systems thinking, security principles, and adaptive incident response tactics. The world of information into the cannabis industry is limitless and increasingly more connected and integrated.

While most cannabis companies put physical security at the top of their priority lists to prevent the more common armed robbery attempts from occurring – they should also understand that cyberattacks pose a severe threat.

Ransomware attacks are happening all across disciplines within cannabis, from large companies and small businesses. Experts say that “small businesses compromise approximately one-half to three-quarters of the victims of ransomware.” Because of this, it is a smart move for any cannabis company to heighten its cybersecurity initiatives and make it a point of its operational strategy from the get-go.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, U.S. authorities have been reporting dramatic increases in cyberattacks. Just one click on a phishing email could have the whole company's security hacked. As a result, proper employee training and college experience are essential in 2022 and many years to come. 

#3: Technology Management

A technology management degree is a perfect choice for a student interested in pursuing managerial positions in an IT environment. Pursuing a degree in technology management contains many foundational IT concepts such as networking, systems administration, and software development.

These positions boast a very positive job outlook and high average salaries. For example, according to 2020 BLS data, computer and information managers earn an average salary of $161,370 per year, with employment projected to rise 11% from 2020 through 2030.

Wherever there is a cannabis company, there is an IT department. Every IT department needs management skills to ensure that the system does not go through any significant issues and that the whole team communicates and understands the tasks at hand. So if you are someone who has a passion for tech and an interest in cannabis – they are meant to be together!

Now is the time to pursue a degree in technology management while establishing ties with cannabis businesses. There are tons of jobs available for technology management in cannabis and are only expected to advance for upcoming years. 

A Booming Need for Tech in the Cannabis Industry

With so many different in-demand jobs to choose from, tech employees looking for high-paying opportunities in the cannabis industry should easily find their niche.

Technology has changed the way people consider cannabis and how the management systems are controlled and handled. More and more companies are developing and growing – they need technology masterminds. Cannabis companies are looking for individuals with technology degrees interested in the industry.