4/20 gift guide

The Ultimate 4/20 Gift Guide

by | Apr 5, 2023

4/20 gift guide

Written by Kristina Etter

Kristina is a digital content creator and designer. She has a talent for creating engaging and informative content that resonates with our professional audience. Kristina’s passion for the cannabis industry stems from her belief that it has the potential to revolutionize the world in many ways, and has a personal testimony of cannabis success.

Are you celebrating 4/20 this year? Our 4/20 gift guide rounds up the best gifts – whether you’re buying for a friend or yourself.

The 4/20 cannabis holiday is celebrated by people all around the world for a wide range of reasons that vary depending on personal beliefs and preferences. Yet, there are common themes that unite cannabis enthusiasts and bring cause for celebration.

While 4/20 may be just another day to most, for many cannabis advocates and enthusiasts, it’s the next best thing to Christmas. So we put together this 4/20 Gift Guide with some of this year’s hottest cannabis gifts.

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Some people celebrate 4/20 to show support for the legalization movement and advocate for continued change. By coming together on the universal date, cannabis enthusiasts demonstrate their support for ending the war on drugs and promoting a more rational approach to drug policy. Legacy advocates and allies have been fighting for decades to end prohibition and establish a legitimate industry; they deserve accolades.

Another reason people celebrate 4/20 is simply to enjoy consuming cannabis and have a fun time with friends. Cannabis is a social lubricant that can enhance creativity, relaxation, and enjoyment in social situations. On this day, cannabis enthusiasts gather with like-minded individuals to smoke, vape, or consume cannabis. Activities often involve attending concerts or festivals, watching movies, playing games, or simply hanging out and chatting.

And yet, another faction of cannabis enthusiasts may use the 4/20 holiday to acknowledge their own personal success with the herb. Thousands of people have changed their lives by learning how to use cannabis for health and wellness.

Without a doubt, the reasons for celebrating 4/20 are as diverse as the people who observe it. Whether you’re showing support for legalization, having fun with friends, or using the date as a milestone to a better you, 4/20 is a day to come together and celebrate all things cannabis.

420 Gift Guide 2023 by Cannabis Tech


One phenomenon of legalization is the surge of product innovations for consuming cannabis. As cannabis products evolve, so have the devices and accessories necessary for smoking, dabbing, cooking, and growing cannabis.

Regardless of your preferred method of consumption, there’s technology that can help you do it more efficiently. Here are a few that we feel are exceptional at what they do and would make great gifts – whether you’re buying for a loved one or yourself!

**Disclosure: Many of the brands and devices in this guide contributed to the creation of this content, or we may have ongoing affiliate relationship which allows our site to make a small commission based on referral sales. Rest assured, Cannabis Tech does not represent or promote products we wouldn’t use ourselves – in fact, many of them we use daily!


In the early days of man, ancient civilizations would put cannabis in a bowl, place hot coals or rocks on it, and waft the smoke into their faces as it burned. Fortunately, with thousands of years of evolution, consumers have many more options these days.

Technological consumption devices do more than just provide an easier, more convenient way to smoke and/or vape cannabis; they offer features that improve safety and enhance flavors. Here are a few devices we love!


If cannabis concentrates are the question, then GPen is the answer. Whether you’re looking for a conversation piece, daily dabbing convenience, or a portable device for an active lifestyle, the engineers at Grenco Science have your back.

The GPen Hyer is the newest addition to the GPen devices. Designed like a tabletop conversation piece, yet portable and adaptable to any glass-on-glass water piece. This dual-use device allows consumers to vape dried herb or concentrates – making it one of the most versatile pieces from Grenco.

Editor’s Commentary: As a cannabis writer and editor for a tech publication, I have had the opportunity to review and test dozens of new devices from several brands. None of them have stood the test of time, other than our GPen Connect. We got our first Connect in early 2019, and as I type, that device is right beside me, and it has never failed. In fact, we love it so much, we have two! If you want to learn more about the GPen Connect, read my in-depth review.


The guide also includes several other devices, including the newly released AUXO Cenote. A handheld portable, the Cenote delivers convenience and fun in a small package. With enhanced lighting features, this little device offers an immersive sensory experience!

Naturally, we can’t mention consumption technology without talking about DAVINCI. One of the OGs of cannabis dry-herb vaporization is the DAVINCI IQ2 and Micro. These devices allow the consumer to boil cannabinoids and terpenes into a safe vapor that’s easier on the lungs than combustion-created smoke.

If you or your gift recipient are more into vaping cartridges, then look no further than the range of 510 batteries by CCELL. Regardless of the form factor, the batteries from CCELL incorporate functionality, battery life, and style into a pocket-friendly device.


Know a budding cannabis chef? Home cooking technology for cannabis lovers has come a long way from the pot brownies you knew in college. Today, cannabis cooks have countertop appliances to help them make the best cannabis edibles possible in their home kitchen.

About the size of a coffee pot or even smaller, appliances from Ardent and LEVO offer technology for all your DIY infusions – butter and oils for both edible products and topical creations. Both companies offer a wide range of bundles and devices to fit your needs, regardless of what you’d like to make. Ardent touts itself as the “Easy-Bake Oven” of cannabis with devices that decarb, infuse, and even create delicious baked goods. LEVO, on the other hand, is more the like the Kitchen-Aid of DIY cannabis. Elegant and timeless, your favorite cannabis cooking wiz will appreciate such a thoughtful gesture. 


Prefer a more traditional method of consumption? Don’t fret – rolling papers and smoking accessories have also improved with the growth of legal cannabis. If your favorite cannabis lover likes to smoke their herb, we’ve sourced some of the best options on the market!

Everyone knows music and cannabis go hand-in-hand. The sensory-enhancing effects of cannabis have been associated with music in pop culture throughout the decades. From the cup headphones of the 70s to the 420-themed earbuds from Skullcandy, high-quality music is the spice of any cannabis-lover’s life.

OCB tells us “O” is for the Odet River. “C” for the Cascadec mill. “B” for the Bolloré family, whose passion made it happen. Born in France in 1918, OCB has more than 100-year history-making premium rolling papers. From elegant bamboo sets to community-engaged clubs, OCB offers several gifts that will impress your favorite cannabis smoker – check out the guide for more details

King Palm is another growing name in cannabis smoking accessories. With flavored blunts, hemp-based cones, and Wakit collab electric grinders, we’ve listed several King Palm products that are sure to delight. 

If you haven’t heard of Blazy Susan, you are missing a major player in the world of cannabis accessories. The wide range of products offered by this Denver-based company seems to be continually increasing. From the original Blazy Susan spinning tray to the newest Resin Blaster Glass Cleaner, you are certain to find an amazing gift while shopping with this company.

Editor’s Commentary: Blazy Susan is one of my favorite accessory companies of all time. We love offering up a cute pink dog-walker to our friends, and our Blazy Susan spinning organizer prevents all that tabletop clutter – not to mention it is a big conversation starter in our living space!


It is said, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

The same can be said for cannabis. An indoor cannabis grow tent provides the all tools and equipment necessary for growing high-quality cannabis. We’ve been on the hunt for some of the best grow technology on the market, and we’re certain you can’t “grow wrong” with these small grow tent packages and cannabis grow closets.

The complete grow systems offered by Happy Hydro are a great place to start. These systems come with absolutely everything you need, including the Sohum Living Soil. All you need to provide are the seeds and water. With their 4/20 sale, it’s a great time to get growing!

And, if you’ve been following along, Cannabis Tech has been partnered with Green Goddess Grow Systems since the first of the year to test and demonstrate just how easy it is for a novice to grow a great crop of cannabis. Using the ATS-42, we were able to grow two beautiful auto-flower plants in 80 days or less. You can learn more about our experience here.

Don’t want a big tent in your living room? Then, look no further than the Armoire by Green Goddess. These beautiful grow closets look like a piece of furniture. Available in a variety of colors, these discreet, odor-proof appliances offer the same great technology.

Editor’s Commentary: We have had an absolute blast growing our first indoor cannabis crop in the ATS-42, and as mentioned in previous articles, I cannot stress enough how valuable the concierge support from Green Goddess is. Having Kyle in our corner has really made the whole experience fun and stress-free!


We rarely discuss consumable products at Cannabis Tech. We understand that our audience is global, and it’s difficult to discuss brands when state-by-state and country-by-country products vary. However, we’ve selected a few innovative producers that deserve recognition.

Gummies by CBDistillery offer consumers formulations that provide the desired effects and are widely available as they are sourced from hemp. Unlike many other producers, CBDistillery puts testing, compliance, and consumer safety first. With plant-extracted Delta-9 sourced from hemp, and blends of other cannabinoids, expert botanists created the product formulations that offer daytime, nighttime, and relaxing effects.

Over the years, we have covered Caliper CBD several times, not necessarily for the products they offer but for the science and technology used to create them. Caliper Swiftsticks are an innovative, convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD regardless of where you are. These water-soluble powder packs are extraordinarily versatile. Use them in water, create a mocktail, or blend them in with your favorite recipe.

4/20 Gift Guide: Save the Day!

Finally, a newcomer to our product lineup and possibly the most controversial. Pass Your Test offers supplement detoxification products to help cannabis consumers avoid the devastating ramifications of a positive urinalysis.

Cannabis metabolites can linger in the body for weeks. Imagine going on vacation in Colorado, partaking in a gummy, and returning home only to get a surprise UA from your employer. A positive test for THC can cost people their jobs, their homes or even jeopardize their families.

Detoxification kits from Pass Your Test can help prevent disasters before they start. These kits come with everything you need to detox your system, whether you have ten days, five days, or an hour’s notice. No one should have their lives overturned for cannabis consumption.

Once taboo, the 4/20 cannabis holiday is becoming mainstream and offers an opportunity to celebrate the plant and its community. Whether you’re looking to give a thoughtful gift to a cannabis-loving friend or indulge in some self-care, there are many products and accessories available to enhance your canna-experience. From edibles to grow tent kits and high-tech vapes, the possibilities are endless.

As cannabis legalization continues to spread around the world, 4/20 will likely become even more celebrated, and the range of products and experiences available will continue to expand. So, whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or a curious newcomer, take some time to explore the many ways you can celebrate with our 4/20 gift guide for cannabis-friendly gifts!