thcv cannabinoid

The THCv Cannabinoid: 2024’s Next Big Trend in Cannabis Innovation

by | Apr 29, 2024

thcv cannabinoid

Written by Kristina Etter

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Look out, THC! There’s a new cannabinoid in town. THCV is a rare cannabinoid that, unlike its sister compound, THC, has not received the attention it deserves.

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The semi-rare THCV cannabinoid has been given many-a-nickname over the years, some of the most popular being “diet weed” and “weederall.” The reported effects of the THCV have been nothing short of positive – no feelings of lethargy, no increased appetite, and increased feelings of energy and well-being – but why aren’t customers lining up around the block for cannabis that mitigates the munchies and increases energy?

Recent years have seen a surge in the availability and popularity of THCV cannabinoid products in legal cannabis markets, which may be signaling a shift in consumer preferences and a growing recognition of the unique benefits offered by this lesser-known cannabinoid.

I spoke with Phylos’ Chief Scientific Officer, Alisha Holloway, PhD. about THCV and how its breeding program is making natural THCV a reality.

Alisha Holloway, Phylos Bioscience, THCv cannabinoid study
Phylos’ Chief Scientific Officer, Alisha Holloway, PhD.

A New Focus on THCv Cannabinoid

THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis that differs from THC in its effects and chemical structure. While THC is known for its psychoactive properties and tendency to induce feelings of euphoria and increased appetite, THCV offers a different experience.

Holloway shared her insights on why THCV became the focus of their breeding project, stating, “I think THCv is a really interesting cannabinoid.” She explained their research process, saying, “I had been combing the literature for any kind of information about the effects or uses of multiple cannabinoids, CBG, CBDV, THCV, CBC, and it really struck me what we found for THCV.”

Holloway also emphasized the significant medical literature supporting THCV’s potential, noting, “Most people are more familiar with the work on metabolic syndrome and diabetes where they showed improved glycemic control and improved insulin sensitivity.” She continued, “There’s a lot of medical literature about THCV.”

A quick search on Google Scholar shows more than 2,500 published studies on THCV. These studies suggest that the elusive cannabinoid may have neuroprotective properties and could be beneficial in treating conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, THCV has shown promise as an appetite suppressant, making it a potential tool for weight management and addressing metabolic disorders.

Detailing their research efforts, Holloway stated, “We wanted to pursue that and started to look at how much THCV was in the plants that we were growing, testing thousands of plants for THCV.”

Natural Natural by Phylos THCV Cannabinoid Clinical Trial

Until recently, THCV was notoriously difficult to grow and process, making it hard for consumers to access. But things are changing thanks to Phylos’ years of research and breeding. Honing in on THCV and its benefits, Phylos has developed a proprietary strain of THCV called “Get Sh!t Done” (GSD), and it’s revolutionizing access to the once scarce cannabinoid.

GSD boasts up to 20% THCV cannabinoid potency, which is more than double the amount of other THCV strains. Phylos recently conducted a clinical IRB-backed study with People Science to prove the effects of THCV in their GSD strain. The study found that participants felt increased energy and joy, decreased fatigue, and no increased appetite.

THCv cannabinoid, Natural Natural, GSD, get shit done
GSC (Get Sh!t Done) THCv Cultivar by Natural Natural

The Collab with People Science

Holloway provided details on their collaboration for a clinical research study on their GSD (Get Sh!t Done) THCV cultivar. She stated, “We partnered with People Science because they have built tools to do distributed trials so you can get products to people, and then, on their own, they can become a part of a trial and give feedback through a phone app.”

She described the study methodology: “So we partnered with People Science on this IRB-approved double-blind clinical research study to look at our GSD or Get Sh!t Done THCv cultivar. We had 78 participants; they did a double crossover.” Holloway continued, “Each of the participants took all three different gummy types, okay. And we looked at daily reports of their energy, activity levels, motivation, appetite, and then we looked at adverse events.”

Holloway shared the study’s findings, stating, “What we found is that the GSD gummy increased energy, activity, motivation, and well-being compared to placebo. But without the fatigue and the munchies associated with THC consumption.”

She continued, “When we looked at fatigue specifically, the THCV or GSD Gummy had very few reports of fatigue. Placebo had more reports, and THC had about three times as many reports as the GSD gummy.”

Holloway also spoke about another exciting finding. “When you think of THC, sometimes you think of the munchies. What we discovered is that when participants took the GSD gummy, they had reduced levels of the munchies. Results were equivalent to the placebo.”

Bringing THCV Cannabinoid to Market – Natural Natural Does It Naturally

While chemists are looking for methods to chemically synthesize rare cannabinoids, the emergence of breeders like Phylos, focused specifically on the natural extraction of the THCV cannabinoid, has led to significant advancements in the availability and accessibility of THCV products. Phylos commercializes its products through its consumer-facing brand Natural Natural. So if you see a product with the Natural Natural label, you know you’re getting plant-derived THCV.

When asked about the breeding process for harnessing THCV, Holloway provided insights into their breeding project, stating, “It was a really rewarding project, honestly.” She explained their approach, “We use molecular markers, or genetic markers, to help us breed faster and more efficiently.”

She detailed the initial steps: “First, we looked for places in the genome that would indicate if a plant was going to the produce THCV cannabinoid. Once we identified the place in the genome that we could select for it, it made the process go a lot faster.”

Holloway elaborated on the benefits of their method, stating, “We can grow many more plants and genotype them to measure whether they have that piece of DNA that’s going to make them produce the THCV cannabinoid. Then we select those plants and grow them to maturity, instead of growing the plants that don’t have those genetic markers.” She added, “This allows us to have an effectively bigger footprint in our breeding program.”

Review: Natural Natural THCV Cannabinoid Products

I had the unique experience of trying a couple of Natural Natural products.

Airgraft Electric Lemonade Vape Pen

thcv cannabinoid, airgraft, natural natural, phylos bioscience
Airgraft THCv Electric Lemonade Vape Pen

Overview: The Airgraft Electric Lemonade vape pen powered by Natural Natural genetics offers a refreshing lemon flavor and a clear-headed, productive effect.

Experience: Indulging in the Airgraft Electric Lemonade vape pen was a delightful blend of productivity and flavor. The zesty lemon flavor offered a refreshing twist with every inhale. What truly impressed me was the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology. Activating the pod through a QR-code process on my phone initially seemed daunting (honestly, I was expecting glitches), but the experience was surprisingly smooth and fun. My own anecdote on the pen’s efficacy: amidst a growling stomach and looming distractions, a couple of puffs from the Airgraft sufficed to quiet my stomach so I could finish my work without the grumblies.

thcv cannabinoid, airgraft, natural natural, phylos bioscience
My THCv Electric Lemonade Cartridge & Airgraft Pen

Lights On Green Crack Energy Gummies | 10mg THCV : 20mg THC

Overview: Heavy Hitters Lights On Green Crack Energy Gummies powered by Natural Natural genetics provide a delicious taste and an awakening effect.

Experience: The Lights On Green Crack Energy Gummies redefined my perception of edibles with their irresistible taste and invigorating effects. Their velvety texture and delectable flavor were so captivating that my husband and I found ourselves engaged in a friendly battle over the last piece. However, the real magic lay in the gentle yet profound awakening they offered. Unlike traditional edibles-inducing couch-lock, these gummies provided a subtle but transformative experience akin to savoring a mild cup of coffee. They provided a sense of clarity and vitality without any hint of jitters or anxiety.

Overall, I’m a fan!

thcv cannabinoid, lights on, natural natural, phylos bioscience
Lights On THCv Cannabinoid Gummies

Looking Forward to More from Natural Natural

With innovative genetics like “Get Sh!t Done” boasting high THCV potency and clinically proven effects, consumers now have access to a wider range of natural cannabis options tailored to their desired effects and preferences.

The THCv cannabinoid is just the start for Natural Natural. Holloway hinted that they are working on genetic breeding for many other minor cannabinoids. 

This recent shift in the cannabis market underscores the growing interest in cannabinoids beyond THC and CBD, as consumers seek out new and innovative products that offer unique benefits and experiences.

As more research is conducted and awareness of the THCV cannabinoid continues to grow, we can expect to see further expansion and diversification of the THCV product market, providing consumers with even more choices and opportunities to explore the potential of this fascinating cannabinoid.

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