The Rosin Revolution – A Righteous New Era in Extraction

by | Mar 11, 2020

Written by Kristina Etter

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Over the last four years, rosin quickly became a popular solvent-free extraction method in the cannabis business. To appeal to consumers and companies looking for purer products, cultivators turned to rosin Presses — an extraction method that quickly seduced the entire industry. As of today, recent technological feats are putting rosin far ahead of the game with the birth of the new Access rosin Machine.

Unveiled at the 2018 MJBizCon by its creator Spencer Sutnik, the machine is a one-of-a-kind invention that targets cultivators and processors — and has the potential to quadruple the production of commercial rosin presses. Let’s examine why the Access rosin machine has such great potential for cannabis cultivators around the world.

Rosin Presses to the Rescue

Consumer Demand

As marijuana legislation tends to emphasize cleaner products, cultivators are choosing rosin presses, which were described as a game-changer.

Rosin is an extraction method that releases resin from marijuana products such as flowers or hash. The process combines high heat with immense pressure to obtain a solvent-less hash oil (SHO). The oil is extracted from the trichomes heads of the plant — which happens during the flowering stage.

A Solvent-free Technique

What makes rosin such a popular extraction method is the solvent-free technique (SHO) compared to BHO (Butane Hash Oil), for instance, which is a solvent-based extraction process. But solvent-based techniques drive concerns over safety and health. With the rosin method, extracts are purer and don’t present any contaminates anymore, making them sought-after for cultivators and consumers.

New innovators in the rosin manufacturing

From beginning to end, rosin has reached critical acclaim and efficiency. Today, there’s a wide variety of rosin presses available to both consumers and cultivators. The simplicity and the results — higher yield and faster turnover — have made rosin the trend of the year in 2015 in the cannabis industry. For cultivators, the method enables a streamlined process with better yields. Some notable names in rosin manufacturing have surfaced, such as PurePressure or Roisin Tech.

As technological advancements drive the cannabis industry, including rosin press manufacturing, the new Access Rosin Machine was born.

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The Benefits of the Access Rosin for Cultivators

Inventive Design

Not only boasting an innovative design, but the Access Rosin V3.2 hot plates are also a true advancement on the market today. The patent-pending plates are poised to lead to higher yields — in fact, they could even quadruple the production of flower extracts.

Contrary to other machines that feature two small metal plates on small square inches, the new Access rosin displays a 4-square pyramid heat plate that is revolutionary. As stated by Marijuana Business, the design enables producers to extract four times the amount of flowers compared to traditional rosin press machines.

Oil Extraction Made Easy

Sutnik is proud of such innovation since the pyramid plates allow the oil to drain directly onto a surface or catchment — in comparison to other press machines that require producers to scrap the oil out of the paper. While other companies were focused on temperatures, the Access Rosin is a true disruptor as the process relies on inventive design as a technology to extract the oil.

“Other companies focused on the electronic components and digital features controlling the heat temperatures; we directed our focus on innovating the size of the heat plates,” Sitnik said.

A More Significant Amount of Oil Extracted

With two sets of four, so eight plates in total, the machine can lead to higher yields in a faster turnover for cultivators. Indeed, the rosin press, according to Sutnik, can produce up to 1,900 pounds of pressure per square inch — and permit to processing of more flowers at once.

Being able to extract more oil easily is something cultivators are always chasing.

Stand-Out Tech Features

With a double-acting and hydraulic operation, the rosin machine presents more durability and can perform for a longer time with less maintenance, as seen with conventional rosin press machines. Plus, the check valve loads automatically, which is great for processing larger volumes of hemp and can ensure all oil is separated.

Learn more about Access Rosin

A new groundbreaking technology, Access Rosin’s commercial line, enables producers to scale their production and creates new possibilities not ever seen before. Not only does the technique boosts volume without compromising on quality, but also the attractive design and advanced technology can only drive extraction far ahead, freeing cultivators from cumbersome tasks.

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