The Rise of the Rosin Presses: 4 Leaders in A Quest for Quality

by | Jul 31, 2019

Written by Sarah Ratliff

The innovators who found a way to make cannabis concentrate using hair straighteners, T-shirt presses, and other jury-rigged devices deserve some credit for sparking interest in rosin. However, it is the finely tuned, precision mechanical rosin press that has sent this burgeoning industry into orbit. 

Early rosin presses were hit-and-miss regarding performance. However, the best manufacturers quickly developed presses that were safe, reliable, efficient, consistent, and capable of producing rosin with impressively dense cannabinoid and terpene concentrations. The machines do all the heavy lifting, giving the user fingertip control over an industrial process that uses no toxic chemicals and incurs only minor expenses after the initial cost of the press.

A Wide Variety of Rosin Presses

To meet the needs of a diverse marketplace, rosin press manufacturers have created high-quality equipment for small-, medium- and commercial-scale producers. Consumers who want to make their concentrate for personal use can purchase well-designed units for less than $1,000, while those who need more output will usually need to spend somewhere between $2,000 and $6,000 to acquire a suitable appliance. But regardless of the cost, rosin presses operate so efficiently that investments can be recouped long before the machines wear out or require expensive repairs.

With oil yields in the 20-30 percent range, presses are a money-saving option in comparison to the direct purchase of commercially produced rosin, which is a relatively expensive product. Home consumers can save up to 50 percent in costs by making rosin with their own presses, which is an excellent return considering the superiority of the concentrate. This high level of efficiency is suitable for commercial interests, too, since it means good profits once the rosin is priced for retail purchase.

Of course, it is vital to purchase rosin presses from companies that manufacture first-class units that have been built to last. Some of the more notable and reliable rosin press manufacturers include:

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RosinBomb is a family-owned enterprise that produces two excellent rosin presses: the RosinBomb Rocket for personal use, and the RosinBomb M-50 for commercial production.

The RosinBomb Rocket is a lightweight (15 lb.), portable (10”) unit capable of producing up to 1500 lbs of pressure. This is one of the smallest home presses available, but its reliability and efficiency have led to a rapid rise in its popularity among rosin connoisseurs. The RosinBomb Rocket can successfully press up to five grams of bud at one time, and it can be purchased for just one-third the price of the M-50.

For more ambitious producers, the M-50 can press up to 14 grams, under a maximum of 5,000 lbs of pressure. It is somewhat less costly than most commercial-size rosin presses, some of which can generate higher levels of pressure and process more significant quantities of raw cannabis. However, quality assurance is synonymous with the RosinBomb brand, and the M-50 has been highly praised for its steady and impressive performance.

Rosin Tech

Rosin Tech has grabbed a significant market share by offering a full line of precision rosin presses to satisfy all volume requirements and budgets.

On the commercial side, its Rosin Tech Precision Press generates up to 21.5 tons of compression power, putting it on the high end of purifying capacity. Looking to the next generation of technology, the Rosin Tech Roller Press replaces the heated plates used in most presses with high-pressure stainless steel rollers. The use of rollers improves the efficiency of press technology by directing the flow of rosin oil in one direction, encouraging rapid runoff of that oil, and focusing the intensity of the pressure to avoid efficiency losses.

Rosin Tech’s commercial line has helped them build a reputation for excellence. The company also manufactures more compact machines for consumers who want affordability and gold-star performance in a single package.


Nugsmasher has a memorable name and a solid line of products to boot. Its appliances run the gamut of size and price ranges, and its catalog includes a Nugsmasher Mini unit that pushes the needle on the home-consumer side. Cheaper and smaller than presses built by competitors, the Nugsmasher Mini can still produce two tons of pressure and is considered ideal for pressing up to 3.5 grams of cannabis in bud form.

Like its competitors, the Nugsmasher line incorporates digital technology for exact and consistent control of time, pressure, and temperature. Nugsmasher customers know they’re purchasing something reliable, and that search for dependability has been a critical element in the surge of rosin press technology in general.

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Denver-based PurePressure has quickly found success in rosin press manufacturing. Its signature machine called the Pikes Peak, generates up to five tons of cannabis-squeezing compression power, more than meeting the needs of most commercial-scale actors. Its Longs Peak Press tops even that, producing eight tons of pressure at the highest setting.

PurePressure sells rosin presses with either manual or automated digital control. They are somewhat larger and heavier than the units sold by some other manufacturers, but their sturdiness is one reason why PurePressure units are so in demand.

A Growing Industry and a Product in Demand

These are some of the more well-known names in rosin press manufacturing. Other companies are also producing superbly designed, high-efficiency presses, and as long as consumers do their research, they should be able to find multiple quality equipment options.

Rosin press manufacturing techniques have improved by leaps and bounds in a short period, driven by strong customer demand. Rosin is a safe and healthy alternative to extracts that are produced using solvents, and the relative simplicity of the manufacturing process helps explain why producers of rosin presses have been able to perfect the technology so rapidly.

As more consumers discover the advantages of rosin, demand should continue to grow, and rosin presses will continue to be a hot seller.