The Importance of CBD Distillation in the Extraction Process

by | Oct 28, 2019

Written by Wade Harman

The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving and always using better methods for bringing the customer the most valuable product. Companies who understand that their products have more room for growth and efficiency are the businesses who will be left standing while others are left struggling to keep up. 

The world is turning to CBD products, and it is the responsibility of the business to ensure its customers are using exact methods to deliver exceptional products. With this race to be the best, there are still some questions left unanswered, misinformation, and technical issues that need to be resolved before some of these businesses can reach their maximum potential. The turning point to understanding the distillation process could mean the difference in pushing the product past a close competitor. This article will share the importance of the distillation methods in CBD oil extraction and how businesses have plenty of options when it comes to this step.

The Importance of Distillation

Plant-based matter is very inconsistent. In order to receive the many cannabinoids, terpenes, and THC, which comes with having a pure CBD product, the extraction process is a necessary step to ensure a more reliable end result. Businesses already understand that reliability and consistency within their products are the keys to success within their customer base, and the cannabis family of plants is very inconsistent by nature. Each hemp plant has different strains, flavors, tastest, etc., and the ingredients found inside usually are varied. Inconsistencies like this are the reason these compounds must be isolated and divided from other ingredients and then put back together again using various methods.

Think of the distillation process as one would with purifying water. When the boiling point is reached, all undesirable bacteria are removed. When the water is cooled quickly causes the H2o to turn into distilled water, which has been purified. The distillation process removes all unwanted ingredients and leaves the product with what the producer needs to continue the next steps.

The distillation process is important because it isolates important compounds which the customer wants to enjoy. Ingredients like THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids will be found in a “crude” form and then purified into what’s known as the distillation process. This process separates the important compounds like THC and CBD, which produces a refined oil that comes in at 90% purity. This is also known as a distillate, which negates the other flavors and terpenes that would have normally had a lasting effect on the end product. All of the flavor, smell, and potency of the product can be manipulated by this process. Essentially distillation is important because it keeps the product consistent and balanced, controlling other compounds and ingredients which would have otherwise created an inconsistent product.

Short Path Distillation

Also known as molecular distillation, a short path uses an apparatus with several receivers that isolate different components. Short path distillation is when the product is heated under a vacuum with a short attachment for distillation. As discussed, once this path is taken, it is rapidly cooled in a chiller, which provides circulation and condensation of the vapors. Essentially, in short path distillation, if the distance is not close, this process will not be effective at all. The short path flask is adjusted to separate the THC, CBD, and other terpenes from the mix.

Fractional Distillation

Once the short path distillation process is complete, it needs to go through a longer path, which is fractional distillation. The narrow difference in the boiling point separates the substances needed to create a more reliable product and is often said to be the most important part of the refining process for pure CBD oil. In fact, fractional distillation is said to be the reverse of blending different things together. The different cannabinoid compounds will boil at various temperatures. As this temperature rises, some ingredients will begin to vaporize while other ingredients continue to remain in their liquid form. This process allows the producer to maintain the compounds and separate them while in an isolated form.

Fractional distillation has been a game-changer for businesses that offer CBD products because it allows them to offer specific ingredients to their customers. In the past, brands had to offer every ingredient or nothing at all to the consumer, however, with fractional distillation they are able to separate different compounds which could be illegal, like THC, away from the mix making for a more diverse range of options for both business and customer.

Get Ready For Growth

Businesses who are open to change and growth within their extraction methods are able to offer a variety of methods and different compounds to their customers. This exciting new science has opened the door for many companies who are reaching to the future in their extraction methods. CBD products are quickly becoming more and more popular, and the options with these products are rising higher and higher. A business that understands and cares about their distillation process will be noticed in this tight industry by hardcore consumers who appreciate great products.