The Evolution of a Cannabis Professional

In this Cultivate podcast, Genifer Murray discusses Gail Rand's evolution from canna-mom to canna-pro.

Gail Rand didn’t plan on becoming the driving force for legalizing medical marijuana in cannabis. However, having a son with a rare form of epilepsy called Doose Syndrome, as well as autism, ADHD, and celiac disease, Rand was passionate about helping her son and others.

Describing her son, Logan’s drop seizures as “a marionette getting their strings cut,” they tried multiple pharmaceuticals, and worked with specialists all over the country – nothing worked. Nothing helped, not even CBD. However, although CBD didn’t stop his seizures, Logan’s teachers were amazed and told Rand they felt like it was “The first time the lights went on in Logan’s head.” It wasn’t until Rand tried non-psychotropic, acidic cannabinoid, THCa, did they see a reduction of seizures immediately. Today, Logan takes 10mg of THCa once a day and has been seizure-free for years.

Transforming her passion and determination for finding a solution for her son, Rand started lobbying in Washington for medical marijuana legalization. Today, Maryland has 100,000 patients, which Rand finds personally rewarding.

As the CEO and Founder of Grand Consults, and financial consultant for the cannabis and hemp industries, Rand has transferred per professional experience and background, as well as her passion for the plant, into an opportunity to help other businesses succeed.

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