How to Make THCa Diamonds (aka Crystalline)

by | Jul 1, 2020

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Pure isolates and their terpene-rich byproduct live resin have been changing the cannabis concentrate game. Through mastering the creation of THCa diamonds, producers have introduced a precise and clean consumption method. 

The following guide serves as an introduction to THCa diamonds, including how to make THCa from scratch.

How to Use THCa Crystalline

How to make THCa diamonds, diamonds and a spoon
Diamonds, or THCa crystalline, are rich crystals of pure cannabinoids, commonly dabbed for vaped.

THCa crystals can power both the most radical dabs and the most approachable topicals. Additional usages include use in edibles, and so these crystals are very flexible. The advantage of using them lies in their near 100 percent THC content. 

For the consumer, this advantage is apparent. While with other products it’s difficult to judge the bioavailable cannabinoids, THCa crystals or “diamonds” are nearly pure. Having this purity allows for accurate dosages, and thus a repeatable experience. 

Perhaps more groundbreaking with the rise of THCa diamonds is their pharmacological appeal. With a product that boasts almost complete purity of a single cannabinoid, it meets pharmacological standards, particularly useful for future research. Much of the available research on cannabis depends on testimony remotely supplied by volunteers; however, pure cannabinoids could allow for the study of individual cannabinoids and their potential therapeutic value. 

Don’t think these diamonds come alone, though. Through the process of creating diamonds, “live resin” is also created. Live resin is the terpene-rich sauce left behind after THCa diamonds crystalize. During the process of preparing the crystals for purging, the live resin is poured off of it. After purging, the live resin can either be added to THCa diamonds or used as an independent product. 

Recombining the diamonds and live resin creates a unique concentrate. Not only is there pure THCa present in the crystals, but the live resin is potent. With up to 50 percent cannabinoid content, the live resin can get users high on its own. Additionally, its rich terpene content allows for producers to create concentrates with only cannabis-derived terpenes. 

How To Make THCa Crystals

Learning how to make THCa diamonds and live resin is complicated in that it’s chemistry, but it makes sense. 

First, you start with an extract, then mix it with acetic acid and hexane. Doing so will separate dissolved plant matter from the acidic cannabinoids. After a while, when the mixture settles, it is filtered, and the acetic acid and hexane are evaporated off. The resulting concentrate is mostly THCa. 

After this step, chromatography methods purify the concentrate further. Once the chromatography is finished, chemical washes, filtered, and roto-vapes. In the end, the concentrate is treated with methanol, and then pentane. Finally, after one last roto-vape, the result is diamonds with greater than 99.97 percent THC content. 

However, this doesn’t cover how to create live resin. We’ve reached the point of purity diamonds, but how do we end up with both? 

How to Make THCa Diamonds and Live Resin

THCa diamonds in a container, golden yellow
A by-product of the THCa diamond creation process is sauce, also known as terp sauce.

Artful techniques take a while, and so you’re out of luck if you want to make live resin happen quickly. The best method is to create butane hash oil (BHO), and then purge it at about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing so will evaporate most of the butane. Once that’s done, seal the concentrate in a container and leave it for two to three weeks. 

During this time, the THCa naturally crystallizes at the bottom of the container. The remaining mixture is live resin. After the crystals form, separate them from the live resin. It should be a manageable task, as the live resin will pour off. If the two won’t separate, they can still be purged together. However, ideally, live resin and crystals are purged at different times. 

After purging and recrystallization, both the crystals and the live resin are ready! Either recombine them for a flavorful concentrate or use them separately for different products.

Embracing the Future with THCa Diamonds

The rising popularity of THCa diamonds and live resin marks a significant evolution in the cannabis industry. These concentrates, known for their exceptional purity and potency, are redefining user experience. For those interested in how to make THCa diamonds, this process symbolizes the fusion of advanced science and artistry in cannabis production.

As we look forward, THCa diamonds not only offer a consistent and high-quality experience for users but also pave the way for groundbreaking research and innovation in the world of cannabis concentrates.