Russia-Ukraine War: Things You Need to Know

by | Mar 2, 2022

Written by Tia Moskalenko

The first time the armed conflict flared up on Ukrainian territory was in 2014, when the country faced one of the biggest threats for its national security. The pro-Western government replaced Viktor Yanukovych, a pro-Russian president. Things moved quickly but somehow moved to a pretty long stalemate. Everyone hoped that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine would come to an end once and for all.  

Unfortunately, things started to heat up again in October 2021 when Russia moved its military equipment and troops near the Ukrainian border. In December 2021, the Russian foreign ministry issued a set of demands, calling NATO and the United States to end military activity in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Another idea was to stop Ukraine from joining NATO. Both NATO and the US rejected these callings and demands, and negotiations between Russia, the US, and several European countries did not bring the much-needed solution.  

The United States issued a warning in late February 2022 that Russia is about to invade Ukraine. Regrettably, that's precisely what happened. And while many call the situation a conflict, it is much more than that. It is a war.  

The Russian Invasion is not Going as Planned

The situation in Russia is hectic. The reason for that is the fact that Putin's invasion of Ukraine is not going according to the plan. Before the attack started, it was clear that Ukrainians wouldn't step back, run, and hide. Instead, they promised they were ready for resistance.  

“If it comes to an invasion, it will be total war, like in 1939. The whole country will be fighting back. There will be massive resistance. The west should know there will be a large number of refugees, too, maybe 5 to 10 million.”  

That is exactly what is going on at the moment. After days of fighting in Ukraine, Russian forces are not in the situation to say things are going well. Just the opposite. The two largest cities in Ukraine, Kyiv and Kharkiv are under the country's control.  

On the other hand, Russia lost around 150 tanks and over 5.300 troops. As information keeps coming from Ukraine, including thousands of videos, it seems that Russia is losing the war. The mobilization around the country has made many civilians fight as best as they can with what they have. Many picked up the weapons and started to fight back, right on the streets and roads of their country. One thing is certain – Ukrainians don't plan to stand back and watch the catastrophe unfold. They will keep fighting.  

Russian Forces kill Civilians and Children

The war in Ukraine is taking the lives of children and civilians around the country. On the second day of the Russian invasion, Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, was hit several times by rocket strikes. Health Minister Viktor Lyashko said that more than 1000 civilians were wounded, 198 are dead, including three children.  

As the invasion progresses, the number of dead civilians is rising. On Sunday, February 27th, the Health Minister confirmed that 352 civilians were killed, including 14 children.  

Yes, Russians are killing children. And those are innocent children that did not get the chance to live, explore the world, and fulfill their dreams. One of the casualties was a six-year-old girl killed in Mariupol. The family was at the supermarket at the time the shelling began. The ambulance rushed to the hospital, and every medical team member gave their best to save her. Unfortunately, the girl could not be saved, and she died on the table.  

“Show this to Putin. The eyes of this child, and crying doctors.”, one of the doctors that have been trying to save the girl said to the Associated Press camera.  

The number of civilian deaths is going up on a daily basis. More than 1600 people have been wounded, including more than 100 children.   

Why is Belarus, Led by Lukashenko, Helping Russia? 

It is hard to believe that anyone can be on the side of the invaders in the 21st century. But, one of a few European leaders who decided to do just that is Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus. Lukashenko, known and often referred to as the “last dictator” in the territory of Europe, remains close to Russia and has kept holding power for more than three decades.  

In August 2020, he was re-elected as the president of Belarus, which led to mass protests brutally silenced and ended by the Belarus police. 

For ages, Lukashenko has been facing allegations of human rights abuse. As the human rights violations continue, the EU voted for sanctions renewal on Belarus. The only support Lukashenko gets is from Moscow and Russian President Vladimir Putin. That support is why Lukashenko remains one of a few leaders on the side of the invader.  

On the 26-27 February weekend, Alexander Lukashenko admitted that a few rockets had been fired from Belarus, as Ukraine previously claimed. However, he said that no weapons or troops from Belarus were involved.  

“Russia does not need this. They have enough ammunition, cartridges, and machine guns, and enough people to solve the problems that Russia wants to solve.”, Lukashenko said.  

The people of Belarus are giving all they can to show they are against the war. Many gathered in Minsk to march on Sunday, carrying posters and chanting “no to war.”  

On February 27th, 2022, a constitutional referendum was held in Belarus. The referendum will allow Alexander Lukashenko to strengthen the connection with Russia.  

Even though the Belarus people are against the war, it seems their president refuses to open his eyes and realize that all the killings and catastrophes can be stopped with his help. Unfortunately, it appears that Lukashenko only has his interests in mind.

Stand for Ukraine. Stand for the truth. Stand for freedom!