Davinci IQ herbal vaporizer

Relentless Pursuit for Consumer Innovation

by | Aug 7, 2020

Davinci IQ herbal vaporizer

Written by Kristina Etter

Kristina is a digital content creator and designer. She has a talent for creating engaging and informative content that resonates with our professional audience. Kristina’s passion for the cannabis industry stems from her belief that it has the potential to revolutionize the world in many ways, and has a personal testimony of cannabis success.

When Davinci Vaporizer entered the market in 2012, there was little competition in the world of genuinely portable vaporizers. While a few devices claimed portability, they were clunky and cumbersome. Others, like the Volcano, simply weren’t meant for mobility. “We saw an opportunity in this space to produce something portable and pocketable,” recalled Shauntel Ludwig, VP of Operations at the Nevada-based vape manufacturer.

“We have always believed in precision heat to activate specific boiling points in cannabis, and we were a little ahead of our time in 2012,” she said, speaking about their original device, the Davinci Classic.

But being the first is something DAVINCI prides itself on. “We were the first pocketable, battery-operated dry herb vaporizer. We were the first with a glass on glass airpath. We were the first with a glass-lined ceramic oven, the first to do Smart Paths™, and now, with the DAVINCI IQ2, we’re the first to provide the ability to load your dosage, measure and track it.” Ludwig asserted.

However, she also admits, being the first requires staying humble enough to recognize that there’s always room for improvement. By continually pursuing perfection in their engineering and design processes, DAVINCI Vaporizers have evolved into sophisticated, elegant cannabis consumption devices.

The Evolution of the Dry Herb Vaporizer

Over the last several years, the race to improve the consumer experience has taken center stage all across the sector. With an increasingly health-conscious demographic, many consumers prefer alternatives to smoking cannabis. There’s little argument that combusting and inhaling anything, cannabis or otherwise, can be hard on the lungs and esophagus, potentially complicating health concerns. With the infamous vape epidemic of 2019 creating consumer doubt in cartridge-style vape pens, interest in dry flower vaporizers is on the rise.

Additionally, the team at DAVINCI recognizes that many consumers, mainly medical patients, require a consistent, predictable experience. With Smart Path™ technology, introduced with the first DAVINCI IQ, the device provides a gradual, stepped increase in oven temperature, allowing for precise cannabinoid and terpene vaporization and consistent experience.

Why Precision Temps Matter

Reflecting on their early days, Ludwig joked, “Terpenes weren’t even a word back then.” But by identifying the essential cannabinoids, applying the right temperatures, we could activate those compounds without combustion and leave the rest of the plant materials behind.”

Additionally, lower temperatures preserve the flavor of the terpenes, so many who use the DAVINCI for the first time, say “Wow! I’ve never tasted cannabis like this – I didn’t know it could taste so good!” With combustion, the opposite is true. The application of high levels of heat from the flame destroys flavors.

“Buzz-Crafting,” is the term the DAVINCI team coined to describe the process of slowly increasing the temperatures to achieve the best entourage effect. For example, by keeping temperatures below 390 degrees, the consumer can get “a decent amount of THC without activating CBN,” thus creating a lighter, less sedative experience.

But with the launch of the new IQ2, DAVINCI takes precision and control to a new level.

The IQ2: Not a Relaunch, a Complete Redesign

Ludwig describes DAVINCI’s relentless pursuit of innovation as a “hunt for perfection.” She said, “We are constantly looking for ways to advance the technology to meet the customer’s needs.”

So, it comes as no surprise that customer feedback on the original IQ was the driving factor behind the redesign of the IQ2. Additionally, Ludwig explains, “We also try to predict what cannabis consumers are going to demand in the future.” By predicting what consumers need and want, the DAVINCI IQ2 blends advanced technology features with a sleek and sophisticated design.

“This isn’t just a relaunch of the old IQ; this is a well-thought-through redesign,” Ludwig emphasized. “We are willing to learn from our mistakes and correct them, that’s part of our continuous improvement process.”

Updates to the new DAVINCI IQ2 include:

  • Improved insulation to prevent the heat from spreading
  • A better hinge and latching mechanism
  • Improved UI/UX with the LED lights
  • Improved Airflow
  • Added Air Dial™ for adjustable airflow
  • On-device dosage

Dosing Control

Using foresight to predict consumer needs, the new IQ2 offers the consumer the ability to know and track their dosage. Ludwig shared, “As medical patients expand and more consumers come into the market, how much they consume over a particular time period is going to be important.”

With just a few simple clicks, consumers can program their DAVINCI IQ2 with the THC and CBD potency of their flower or concentrate, and the device will calculate and display how much the consumer inhales with each use and tally the total for each session.

More to Come

No matter who you speak to in the world of cannabis, everyone agrees, it’s the technology that is changing the game in cannabis consumption. “We aim to normalize the consumption experience,” Ludwig noted.

“You don’t need to carry around a heady, glass piece, or light up a bowl, she continued. Vaporization devices, like the DAVINCI IQ2, carry an air of class and elegance and target a different consumer.