How to protect your valuable product

by | Feb 28, 2019

Written by Editorial Team

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In states where cannabis is legal, it’s common to have high-value products delivered to their respective shops in employee vehicles, unsecured and largely untraceable, should it go missing. The threat of theft and corruption is real in this relatively new and very profitable market. Fortunately, ancillary businesses are coming to the rescue with products and services that allow you to keep tabs on the fruits of your labor. |GeoShepard|

GeoShepard is one such company that offers a full suite of services that streamline your business. There are three products that comprise the GeoShepard Automation Solution: GeoScale, GeoTrack, and GeoRoute.

GeoScale uses an iOS compatible app linked to the GeoScale adapter that is attached to the RS-232 port on your scale to capture the barcode and weight of plants, harvests, and packages. You’ll have the ability to check and edit any weights before submitting your numbers to metrc and generate csv files for uploading.

GeoTrack lets you track plant movement throughout the grow process. Again, it's as simple as scanning the plant barcode with your mobile device and selecting the appropriate room.

GeoRoute, like GeoScale, uses an iOS compatible app with a Bluetooth beacon to track your product in real-time. Multiple packages can be tracked, and the software will even publish your manifest to metrc for you!


BeWhere, like GeoShepard, provides inventory management and asset tracking solutions in real-time. Their products take into account that RFID’s while popular, are flawed because they come with constraints and high costs to implement. 

A BeWhere Bluetooth beacon. Image courtesy of BeWhere.


Their solution is a ruggedized beacon with Low Energy Bluetooth designed to take the bumps and bruises that come with transit. The IP68 rated (waterproof) device is designed to broadcast relevant information up to 250 meters. Onboard sensors ensure you’ll be privy to information such as temperature, light, impact, humidity and proximity data. There are even alerts that will notify you should any of the set thresholds be exceeded or breached.

Recently, Aphria, Canada’s largest producer of medical cannabis, signed an agreement with BeWhere to use their leading edge Beacon technology to help keep tabs on equipment, people, and inventory throughout Aphria's facility.

For the cannabis proprietor who is looking for a more comprehensive set of offerings, look no further than Hardcar. Hardcar’s services are extensive covering everything from cash and product transit to automated property patrol and pre-employment background checks. If you have a security need, they likely have it covered.

Let’s take a look at a few of the Hardcar services that you might not find elsewhere. 


Hardcar's robotic patrol “car,” features full two-way communication with an HD camera and siren, reducing overhead costs while taking people out of harm's way. 

Image courtesy of Twitter.

All business owners want to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for both their employees and customers. To help facilitate this, Hardcar also offers weapons detection packages for entry and exit points on your grow facility or shop. They can accommodate every entry size from a single door to very large (3 doors or more) while using modern radar detection equipment and proprietary Hardcar software.

Automated patrol robots and concealed weapon detection systems are good assets to have, but it's safe to say the one thing that all grow facilities and shops must have, are cameras. Some may even be employing facial recognition technology, but visible light facial recognition systems have issues overcoming any changes in the lighting. The Hardcar Near Infrared Facial (NIR) recognition overcomes this problem by using a camera mounted lighting system and a filter to reduce any environmental lighting. Thus, producing an image that the software will have a better chance of processing properly.

In this day and age businesses are encountering increasing amounts of regulations to abide by and security threats to parry. These uniquely adapted asset tracking and protection technologies and services achieve both.