Critical Precision Cannabis Dosage Technology

by | Jan 7, 2018

Written by Jessica McKeil

Jessica McKeil is a cannabis writer and B2B content marketer living in British Columbia, Canada. Her focus on cannabis tech, scientific breakthroughs, and extraction has led to bylines with Cannabis & Tech Today, Terpenes and Testing, Analytical Cannabis, and Grow Mag among others. She is the owner and lead-writer of Sea to Sky Content, which provides content and strategy to the industry’s biggest brands.

A favorite point of contention among the anti-marijuana lobby groups is the ongoing problem of perfecting dosage. It is a common talking point for political pundits; claiming the danger of legalization is due to the unpredictable dosages. Although many pro-cannabis parties seek to disprove this point, the problem of accurate dosage is unfortunately real.

Precision Cannabis Dosage Technology is the Answer to Inconsistencies

According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, there is a high degree of variability in dose among edibles found at dispensaries in California and Washington. In fact, of the 75 edibles tested (from a total of 47 brands), only 17 percent contained the advertised levels of cannabinoids. Shockingly, 60 percent contained less than reported and, scarier still,  23 percent contained more than indicated.

Other research, conducted by newspapers in Colorado and Oregon, had very similar findings. Precise dosing, especially with edibles, is sporadic and inconsistent. Not only is this frustrating for the consumer, but it can, and it has led to hospitalization if people are not able to handle higher doses of THC. This is why an increasing number of companies, like ebbu and Syqe, are stepping up to the plate to solve this dilemma.

Precision Cannabis Dosage Technology

Where Precision Cannabis Dosage Technology Comes into Play

As the market opens up to legalization, consumers and medical practitioners alike seek to refine dosage. For the medicinal market to achieve legitimacy in the eyes of naysayers, a critical step is to have each product precisely and accurately labeled regarding content and dosage guidelines. No matter the product, the consumer will know exactly how much is needed for their desired experience.

For most physicians to feel comfortable prescribing cannabis, they’ll need to be comfortable with how to dose. In today’s marketplace, potency varies considerably from one strain to another and one product to another.

Clinical trials are currently underway for a handful of technologies aimed at reducing the guesswork of cannabis consumption. Syqe Medical is presently testing the world’s premier selective dose pharmaceutical grade medicinal plants inhaler. Syqe proposes that “This new level of precision will allow patients to reach the coveted optimum balance between symptom relief and psychoactivity, regaining their quality of life.” They currently have a personal inhaler product in trials (similar to that of an asthma inhaler), as well as a product called the Syqe Inhaler Exo, meant for hospital precision dosing.

Other companies are taking a different approach to tackling precision cannabis dosing, including ebbu whose goal is the development of highly customized cannabinoid purifications. In any given dispensary today, most products whether edible or flower, are minimally labeled with strain, and perhaps limited information on cannabinoid content. Most products are tested once, but as most people realize, each plant contains a wide variation of cannabinoids which can vary between each harvest.

At ebbu, they have developed technology that allows for near-perfect predictability and consistency of the final product. They can identify and separate each cannabinoid and terpene through a patented specialized process. These compounds can remain as isolates or be combined into new unique products. Ebbu imagines a world where, “Just like with beer or spirits, imagine having the ability to anticipate exactly how you’ll feel even before you try a cannabis product.

As science continues to explore the medicinal benefits of each cannabinoid and terpene, the ability to identify and separate these compounds becomes invaluable. Ebbu already has a few products already on the market that take advantage of this technology to create consistent and extremely potent experiences. No longer does it matter what strain or what harvest the product was sourced from, ebbu has developed complete control over the final medicinal contents?

One of the most exciting products in development at ebbu is ebbu Feelings. This product line-up aims to create unique combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes, based on scientific study, which fosters specific experiences for the consumer. Some of the five products currently planned include Bliss for feelings of euphoria and sense of well-being, as well as Creative, meant to foster creativity energies and an open mind.

The opportunity for technologies to refine the cannabis experience is wide open, especially as the marketplace opens up across the country and around the world.  Scientists are only now beginning to crack the cannabinoid code, and better understand the therapeutic benefit to each compound found in cannabis. To have a better ability to harness that power, in a regulated, consistent and safe manner, is vital.