Pre-Rolls Are Your Gateway to Profitability in Cannabis: Here’s How To Use Them To Win New Customers

by | Apr 23, 2024


Written by Kyle Loucks

Kyle Loucks is the Founder and CEO of RollPros, an automation company disrupting the cannabis industry using its groundbreaking TruRoll technology that mimics the precision of hand-rolled quality joints at scale. Prior to RollPros, Kyle held various lead engineering and technical roles for companies ranging from innovative medical device startups to tech giants like Hewlett-Packard and Georgia Pacific. He also played a key role in developing optics hardware for Facebook's Oculus VR system. Kyle holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University in Pullman, WA.

If you’re not manufacturing pre-rolls with your best flower, you’re leaving money on the table. If you’re still using trim and shake to fill your pre-rolls, you’re leaving money on the table. Pre-rolls are not the afterthought they once were. They’re now one of the fastest-growing market segments in cannabis in both the US and Canada. 

Cannabis consumers are more educated and curious than ever before, and they now seek out pre-rolls to introduce them to new brands, strains, and concentrates. For plant-touching businesses, they are the gateway to profitability in cannabis. Keep reading for a breakdown of how and why pre-rolls are helping cannabis businesses boost sales and what you need to start manufacturing your own. 

Pre-rolls Can Introduce Consumers to Your Other Products

Recent data collected from BDSA, one of the cannabis industry’s leading data analytics firms, revealed a growing trend in markets across the US. Pre-roll multipack purchases are on the rise.

A pre-roll multipack features several of a brand’s strains, and maybe even a concentrate or two if you’re rolling infused, to give consumers a taste of the brand’s other products. Curious shoppers get to try different flower/concentrates and feel out their potency and effects without the risk of purchasing a quarter of something that doesn’t agree with them. After they’ve narrowed down their favorites from your multipack, they can seek them out in larger quantities. The same concept is why ordering flights of beer at a craft brewery or flights of whiskey at a distillery has become so popular.

A top brand in Oregon does this with their pre-roll 10 pack. They feature five pre-rolls of one strain and five of another, giving their consumers the opportunity to try two of their strains without having to commit to a large purchase.

Enticing Newbies and Seasoned Smokers Alike

Pre-rolls are attractive to different demographics, giving businesses the opportunity to promote the same product to several audiences. Those new to cannabis and/or smoking seek them out because they’re an easy entry point—no pipes, paper, or grinder required. They’re also an affordable way for newer consumers to explore flower in general.

Seasoned consumers seek out pre-rolls to try new strains and concentrate infusions. They also appreciate the convenience. It’s a lot easier to pick up a pre-roll multipack on the way to a concert than to roll 10 joints before heading out.

Convenience is also a huge selling point for those somewhere in the middle, who aren’t necessarily new to cannabis but maybe aren’t daily consumers. Pre-rolls offer them an easy way to consume when they want to without requiring them to keep paraphernalia or flower in the house.

Roll joints, don’t stuff cones, with the RollPros Blackbird.

Collab Opportunities To Reach New Audiences

Pre-rolls open doors to collaborations that aren’t always achievable with other products in your lineup. With infused pre-rolls also raking in high sales numbers across markets, the possibilities are endless.

You can leverage this infused trend by collaborating with other brands who speak to different audiences than you do. For example, if you’re strictly a flower brand, collaborating with a brand that only offers concentrates on an infused pre-roll can be mutually beneficial. Their loyal followers, who might not know your brand, will want to try your infused pre-roll simply because it features their favorite concentrate brand. Your loyal consumers will want to try your infused pre-roll, and in turn, be exposed to the concentrates brand they otherwise might not be aware of.

Pre-roll packaging is also a great place to collab with artists local to your area. Featuring their art on your packaging will catch the eye of their loyal followers, putting you in front of people who otherwise might not know about your brand.

Product “drops” are a huge trend and sales driver in cannabis right now, especially when they’re limited-edition. Making any collabs limited-edition with a specific “drop” date will create a sense of urgency around them and encourage shoppers to buy your pre-rolls now before they sell out. And if they’re impressed, they’ll be back for the next collab and/or for your regularly featured products!

Rolled Pre-rolls Stand Out Against Stuffed Cones

Within the pre-roll market, there is a huge opportunity to stand out by choosing to roll your pre-rolls versus stuffing premade cones. Historically, the advantage of stuffed pre-roll cones used to be that it was the only way to automate production. But as of late, new innovations hit the market enabling cannabis businesses to automate the actual rolling of pre-rolls. 

With this technology, consumers will experience high-quality pre-rolls that:

  • Won’t run or canoe
  • Feature higher-quality flower (cone-stuffing machines require too dry, too finely ground flower to be considered top shelf)
  • Provide a consistent experience

All the above is crucial when it comes to reaching profitability, as consumers are loyal to a consistent pre-roll experience.

Now Is the Time To Get Rolling

Profitability is the primary goal of any business, but as we know, it’s not exactly an easy thing to accomplish with 280E looming over our heads. That’s why cannabis businesses need to be lean, clean, and focused on what can produce the highest gains in the shortest amount of time. The answer is pre-rolls, and more specifically, rolled pre-rolls.

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