personal edible review

A Personal Edible Review: Jumpstart Summer with 2 Edible Delights

by | May 8, 2024

personal edible review

Written by Lulu Cohen

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As the season shifts into Spring, I am eager for summer.

I decided to try some new edible delights, like Gelato Last Bite, a Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Sugar Cone, and Breez Mints.

A Personal Edible Review of Cannabis Cones by Gelato Last Bite

I’ve always been quite skeptical about edibles, mainly due to their notorious aftertaste or the oftentimes poor flavor profile they present. However, upon trying the mini cones, I was delightfully surprised by their delicious taste.

Each of these mini cones is carefully dosed with 10 MG of THC, striking the perfect balance for a moderate effect. What really stood out to me was the Mint Chocolate flavor, which remarkably mimics the refreshing taste of ice cream, providing a unique cannabis experience without the inconvenience of melting. It’s a perfect treat for those warm days when you crave something sweet yet invigorating.

Sweet Celebrations, in collaboration with Gelato Cannabis Co., has introduced a vast and innovative range of cannabis products. Their offerings are cleverly inspired by some of our all-time favorite sweet treats, reimagining them with a cannabis twist for an adults-only indulgence.

Gelato is based in the sunny city of San Diego and has quickly become a burgeoning name in the California cannabis market. They are celebrated for their commitment to high-quality, artisanal ingredients, which is evident in the exceptional taste and efficacy of their products. Beyond their dedication to quality, Gelato is a brand that celebrates cannabis culture, striving to break down stigmas and introduce a more gourmet approach to cannabis consumption.

Currently, their products have found a welcoming home not only in California but have also crossed state lines into Michigan, where they are available in select dispensaries. This expansion is a testament to their growing popularity and the increasing demand for more sophisticated cannabis experiences. Whether you are a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or someone curious about the offerings, Gelato’s range of edibles offers a delightful entry point into the world of gourmet cannabis.

Key Highlights

  • What We Liked: The Last Bite cone by Gelato provides a deliciously indulgent experience.
  • What We Didn’t Like: There are limited flavor options available.
  • Where to Buy: Purchase Last Bite cones at and select ice cream parlors.
personal edible review for gelato last bite

Personal Edible Review with Breez Mints

As someone who appreciates edibles in moderation, I recently decided to try Breez Mints. These mints are renowned for their micro-dosing approach, providing users with a range of effects tailored to individual needs and preferences. The compact size of the tiny tin makes it incredibly convenient for on-the-go consumption, fitting easily into a pocket or purse without any hassle.

Breez is not just another brand on the market; it’s a family-owned business that has seen remarkable growth over the years. Starting from humble beginnings at a kitchen table, Breez has expanded its reach and impact in the cannabis industry significantly. To date, they have delivered over 100 million cannabis experiences, a testament to the trust and reliability they have built amongst their customer base.

Their success lies in their commitment to precision-dosed products, ensuring each consumer gets the exact experience they are looking for, every single time. This level of dedication and quality is what sets Breez apart in the crowded world of cannabis edibles.

Key Highlights

  • What We Liked: Breez mints offer a customizable micro-dose experience.
  • What We Didn’t Like: The promotional gift tin had few mints.
  • Where to Buy: Find Breez products at and select dispensaries.
personal edible review breez mints