Options in Commercial Automated Grow Tech for Cannabis

by | Jul 27, 2021

Written by Sara Krostag

The last year has been harsh, but it has been specifically brutal to the outdoor cultivation of cannabis. In addition to fire and weather events, the industry took a hit when it was called out as one of the worst offenders of greenhouse gas emissions in a research study. From cross-pollination to pest control, these automated indoor grow solutions are here to help keep the costs and emissions down.


Agrify™ (NASDAQ: AGFY) offers premium, fully integrated indoor grow solutions for growing consistent cannabis, hemp, and other high-value crops at the lowest possible cost. This non-plant touching AgTech company envisions profitable, data-driven hemp and cannabis production on any scale by delivering end-to-end indoor grow solutions.

Highlights Include:

  • Stackable, integrated Vertical Farming Units that feature a fully managed micro-climate
  • Built-in lighting, environmental management, and irrigation controls
  • AGRIFY INSIGHTS™, an agricultural automatization and optimization software that collects over 850,000 points of data, per chamber, per year
  • Fixed and adjustable light spectrums to optimize growth while reducing radiant heat
  • Total turn-key solutions
  • Peripheral catwalks for enhanced safety
  • Clients have the option of sharing the chamber data to contribute to the body of collective cannabis knowledge or opting out of the program
  • Soil-based
  • Made in the USA


While attempting to disrupt the climate impact of traditional cultivation techniques, Agdaptive provides growers with data-driven platforms in the correct size. These modular, IoT based-solutions are built specifically for cannabis and precision horticulture to facilitate craft-quality production on a commercial scale while using less resources and space. Agdaptive has designed all its units with sustainability and efficiency in mind.

Highlights Include:

  • Air and water are reclaimed and recycled without propane or natural gas to reduce waste, preserve energy, and recycle renewable sources
  • It uses 50% less energy than traditional cultivation spaces
  • Ensures containment, mitigating the risk of cross-pollination and pest infestation
  • Rapidly build or expand any size or scale depending on needs, goals, or timing with modular Plug-N-Plant™ cultivation systems
  • ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 Certified, RoHS and Lead-Free, NSF Compliant, Intertek, CSA, and CE Approved
  • One of the industry’s lowest production costs per gram
  • Centralized control and irrigation with 24/7 remote cultivation support and monitoring
  • Assistance for compliance and permitting
  • Soil-based
  • Made in the USA

American Cannabis Company

The American Cannabis Company Inc. (OTCMKTS: AMMJ) provides end-to-end consulting and product solutions for medical, adult-use, and low-THC regulated cannabis markets both nationally and internationally. Services range from licensing and construction to cultivation, processing, and dispensing. Additionally, American Cannabis Company provides brand licensing, equity partnerships, and business acquisitions.

Highlights Include:

  • Increased efficiency and quality while reducing operational challenges and pitfalls
  • “Just Add Water” SoHum Living Soils® to support proper soil management without the problems
  • The prebuilt, plug-and-play Cultivation Cube™ offers more cultivation space than traditional builds
  • On-site and remote management services for cannabis retail, cultivation, and processing
  • A la carte service-based solutions that can be suited for a start-up project or existing operation
  • High-Density Cultivation System™ eliminates vertical and horizontal loss, maximizing profits and optimizing production
  • Comprehensive Brand Licensing, Cannabis Consulting, Management, and Product Solutions for the regulated cannabis and hemp markets
  • Soil-based
  • Headquartered in Denver, CO

Freight Farms

A self-proclaimed global leader in the AgTech industry is dedicated to making fresh food accessible to anyone, anywhere, any time, with a complete platform of products and services to empower a global community of partners. Their stated goal is to revolutionize farming globally for a more sustainable and accessible future in terms of the environment and enabling communities to become more resilient and secure. Freight Farms has experimented internally with over 300 different crop varieties, including lettuces, leafy greens, herbs, brassicas, certain root vegetables, edible flowers, and many other crops.

Highlights Include:

  • The Greenery™ S, fully climate controlled with movable aisles and built inside of a compact 320 sq. ft. container, is the world’s most productive hydroponic container farm
  • Different pre-set modes of operation include Eco, Standard, and Performance
  • Compatible with solar panels, turn-key, scalable, and fully automated
  • Farmhand® suite of cloud-based mobile apps to ensure all farm components (lights, HVAC, fans, and pumps) are working at set points and on schedule with remote controls
  • Client Services such as webinars to see how other farmers are succeeding, an in-person Farm Camp in Boston, and an online training course called farmhand® Academy.
  • Access the farmhand® Shop online to purchase growing essentials like fertilizer, nutrients, and seeds for on-location delivery
  • A hydroponic-based farming method that grows plants without the use of soil
  • Made in the USA

These four companies offer a plethora of automated indoor grow solutions with the environment, cultivators, and consumers in mind. From licensing and business planning to scaling operations, buildouts, and business acquisitions, seasoned growers or emerging business owners can find the support and resources they need to design or repair an efficient commercial grow room.