odor neutralization

Powerful Odor Neutralization in Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

by | Feb 21, 2020

odor neutralization

Written by Kristina Etter

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As marijuana sales continue to rise, odor issues associated with cannabis growth have increased. In Denver alone, 30% of local complaints were linked to cannabis odor in 2019. Local governments started to issue enormous fines to control cannabis smell stemming from greenhouses.

At present, different odor neutralization systems are available to cannabis growers. Yet, most engineering solutions are pretty expensive or complex to install. Recently, a few plant-based solutions have emerged that are quite affordable and natural. One innovator in the area is the solution developed by OMI Industries — Ecosorb CNB100.

Let’s explore why cannabis smells, the conventional odor control techniques, and the solution created by OMI Industries with some key insights from Dr. Laura Haupert.

What Causes Cannabis Odors?

As the plant grows, it produces terpenes — alongside cannabinoids, THC, and CBD — which are aromatic, stinky oils. But at the flowering stage of growth, cannabis plants tend to smell a lot. The scent comes from terpenoids and terpenes that the plant contains.

Terpenes are compounds naturally produced by the cannabis plant to repel predators and lure pollinators. Over 100 terpenes may be found in the cannabis plant itself. However, the smell produced by the plant can de be described as pungent or putrid and may cause a nuisance to neighbors.

To meet regulations and to maintain exceptional community standards, cannabis cultivators must remove the smell when they harvest cannabis. Yet finding the best odor removal method can be challenging. Let’s explore the most common odor neutralization techniques.

odor neutralization

Conventional Cannabis Odor Neutralization Techniques

There are three common techniques to control cannabis odor with their limitations.

Activated carbon and charcoal filters are used in greenhouses to eliminate odors. The contaminated air pass through the carbon, which absorbs the odorous chemicals. Wet scrubbers filter the contaminated air through an aqueous solution. Effective and simple to install, activated carbon filters still need to be replaced frequently as they may reach saturation easily, depending on the size of the greenhouse.

Air purifiers or air filters are less popular and effective than activated carbon. They are mostly used to remove particles and dust in the air, which implies they don’t actively fight odors. Therefore, this technique may not suit cannabis cultivators in the long-term who are looking to eliminate odors.

Biofiltration treats contaminated air through compost, soil, and other organic materials. As the contaminated air circulates, a thin biofilm captures the odor molecules and retain them. Initial tests have proven that biofiltration was efficient in removing Terpenes and is currently used in a large greenhouse in Canada. But this method may be costly at a larger scale.

Ecosorb CNB100: Plant-Power Odor Neutralization Solution

The latest innovation is known as plant power. OMI Industries have developed a non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable, and eco-friendly solution for cannabis cultivators to remove the plant odor naturally.

Dr. Laura Haupert, Director of Research and Development at OMI Industries, explains that “CNB 100 is a plant-based solution we scientifically formulated specifically to neutralize the chemical compounds that make up cannabis growth odors.”

“The point isn’t to remove or reduce the odor,” she adds. “It’s too find the right chemical balance to interact with the molecules that cause odors.”

Therefore, CNB100 is a genuinely innovative, natural solution for the entire cannabis industry. Plant-based removers like Ecosorb, thanks to Vapor phase technology, need no added water— allowing cost-saving and water conservation.

Tailormade Odor Neutralization Solutions for Cannabis Cultivators

Furthermore, the solution is easy to set up for cannabis growers. Dr. Laura Heupart states that the equipment can be set up in greenhouses within 1 or 2 days. OMI Industries is capable of designing the best solution for any cannabis cultivator “on-demand.” From delivery to maintenance, Dr. Laura Haupert mentions the entire process is well taken care of.

Various options exist, such as distribution equipment placed indoors or outside, modular systems for individual greenhouses, centralized systems for multiple growing areas, as well as different container sizes — to meet the standards of different warehouses.

Based on natural plant oil, Ecosorb CNB100 isn’t harmful and doesn’t require additional water to distribute or expensive equipment. That’s exactly what cannabis cultivators were in urgent need of to handle odor neutralization from the plant.

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