Accelerating Growth with Luminescent Light-Emitting Agricultural Films

by | Oct 30, 2023

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Unique film accelerates plant growth by approximately 20%

The Vink König Deutschland GmbH presents an innovative luminescent light-emitting agricultural film product for accelerated plant growth. This unique film accelerates the plant growth by approximately 20%.  

The film of the Australian company LLEAF (Luminescent Light Emitting Agricultural Films )  contains a patented dye that changes the color spectrum when exposed to sunlight. The innovative polycarbonate film turns a part of the green light into additional red light. Red light is what plants use to produce cellular energy in photosynthesis. Additional red light makes plants grow faster, enhancing the profitability and efficiency of greenhousing and indoor farming. The film also reflects red light which makes it interesting for the construction of solar panels.  

The growth acceleration effect of the film has been proven for a wide variety of green plants such as lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, peppers, aubergines, Asian vegetables, strawberries or cannabis.  

The film is placed between the sun and the plant and can be easily installed. It can be used in greenhouses, agrivoltaics with solar panels, algae cultivation, indoor farming, and many other applications.  

LLEAF’s technology allows custom sunlight spectrums, termed “sunlight engineering”, resulting in various beneficial outcomes such as seasonal shifting for out-of-season or new location fruiting.  LLEAF´s COO Chris Wilkins said “The technology allows for greenhouse plastic to behave like an LED light – emitting additional red light into the greenhouse which is what plants use to produce cellular energy”. 

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