KELIA Expands Its Offerings and Introduces Non-Carbonated Hemp Beverages

by | May 30, 2024

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Crafted with Premium Ingredients for a Wellness-Focused Experience

BOSTON, May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — KELIA, LLC, an award-winning, female-owned cannabis beverage brand, is excited to unveil its new line of low-calorie, low-sugar, non-carbonated hemp drinks made with natural juices and ingredients. These hemp drinks are available to order online nationwide at 

Each can of KELIA hemp offers distinct wellness advantages, from the immune-boosting Pineapple Jalapeno infused with vitamin C to the metabolism-enhancing Grapefruit Ginger enriched with prebiotics, and the hydrating Watermelon Coconut infused with electrolytes. The latest collection from KELIA provides an alternative for individuals who appreciate hemp cordials but lean towards non-carbonated drinks.

Driven by the “Plant over poison” ethos, KELIA is committed to enhancing everyday self-care rituals. KELIA is crafted for adults to enjoy whether socializing or unwinding at home. The new hemp beverages make it easy to tune in, relax, and find balance.

“I started KELIA because of the transformative properties of cannabis in self-care and wellness. When I became a mother, I stopped using it because of the stigma, but after a year postpartum, I decided to use it again, and it was a game changer. It alleviated my anxiety, quieted negative thoughts, and enhanced my focus during quality time with my daughter. I realized that cannabis offered genuine benefits for everyday individuals. Through KELIA’s new hemp beverages, I can share this experience more broadly with fellow mothers and adults alike,” said Sarah Patel, Founder and CEO of KELIA.

KELIA Available Online

For more information about KELIA, and its range of cannabis beverage products, visit the company’s website at The company’s three signature flavors are now available in hemp form:

Watermelon Coconut: Hydration Boost

  • With a botanical blend of watermelon + coconut water + added electrolytes for instant hydration + 5mg of hemp derived THC.

Pineapple Jalapeno: Immunity Boost

  • With pineapple juice + jalapeno +vitamin C + 5 mg of CBG + add 5mg of hemp derived THC.

Grapefruit Ginger: Metabolism Boost

  • With a botanical blend of grapefruit + ginger + prebiotics + 5mg of hemp derived THC + 

5mg of THCV.

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KELIA, founded in 2022 by Sarah Patel, uses high-quality ingredients and educates customers on the advantages of cannabis. The brand’s low-calorie, non-carbonated cannabis drinks embody a minimalistic, sophisticated approach that promotes plant-based products over harmful substances. KELIA’s beverages are perfect for regular cannabis users or those interested in trying cannabis products, whether for socializing or relaxing at home. Customers can enjoy sipping them throughout the day or sharing them as mocktails with friends.