Innovative Technology for the Cannabis Consumer

Advanced technology is driving the cannabis industry, not only from the aspect of manufacturing and production but also in consumer technology. While the price of emerging technology can often keep it out of the reach of the average consumer, a few products have found their way into the market to bring science and precision into consumer’s homes.

Advanced grow systems, at-home potency testing, and precision cannabinoid activation appliances top the list for most innovative, advanced technology products in the consumer market. Regardless of experience in growing or processing cannabis, these glorious gadgets can help consumers get off on the right foot.

|Seedo: In-Home High-Tech Growing|

Expected to start shipping in the second quarter of 2018, SeedoLab is launching Seedo, a contained, self-sufficient, indoor grow system for cannabis and other crops. Taking all the technology and science harnessed from large greenhouses, indoor cultivation facilities, and aquaponics, Seedo provides a fool-proof, in-home growing solution for the personal consumer.

Seedo Homelab image is courtesy of Seedo.

Seedo is a hermetic, airtight ecosystem with built-in CO2 cartridges and air conditioning. No longer do amateur growers need to worry about pests or pesticides, or even the infamous cannabis odor. The system is completely contained. In fact, Seedo takes all of the guesswork out of growing and simulates the ideal conditions for the grower’s specific plant. In an email to CannabisTech, Uri Zeevi, Seedo’s Chief Marketing Officer stated their database currently contains almost 50 growing plans and they will have more by the time the product is released in Q2.

When asked if Seedo is truly as easy as it sounds Zeevi replied, 

“Yes, Seedo takes care of the whole growing process, as long as you grow one plant. However, you can grow up to 5 plants in Seedo if you want to increase the yield, but you will have to spend some ‘work’ of trimming, topping and binding.”

From seed to cure, Seedo is an incredible solution for anyone who would like to the harness the science and technology of a large commercial growing operation in a manageable and affordable appliance for the personal consumer. 

|Ardent Nova: Easy Decarboxylation|

After the harvest is complete, many consumers are making their own cannabis-based products such as edibles, topicals, and tinctures. Part of the process of a successful DIY cannabis product is decarboxylation or activation of the cannabinoids by slow heat. Ardent Cannabis has perfected the process of decarboxylation for potency, and condensed high-tech precision into a small, counter-top kitchen appliance called the Nova.

Shanel A. Lindsay, Founder and President of Ardent LLC. Image courtesy of Ardent LLC.

While traditional methods of decarbing can waste up to 50% of the cannabinoid content, this amazing little device, which stands only 7” tall, provides a laboratory-grade decarboxylation for patients and caregivers. Using controlled heat and high-tech sensors, the Nova maximizing cannabinoid availability and activates cannabinoids for edibles, extracts, and tinctures. Easy to use, this device can hold up to one ounce of flower or five ounces of kief, and provides the perfect decarb, while preserving the terpenes for the highest quality homemade cannabis products possible.

When activated the Nova uses high-powered sensors and a precision heating cycle which activates the most cannabinoids possible without burning the material or losing potency. As a smart device, the Nova creates the perfect bio-availability for the cannabinoids in raw cannabis material or concentrates within 90-120 minutes.

|tCheck: Dosing Accuracy|

While commercial operations are required to send their products to a lab for potency testing, tCheck would rather bring the lab to you. An application specific UV-Vis spectrometer, the device works by shining a specific wavelength of light through liquid and measuring the amount of light which shines through. The light emitter, tray, and receiver are all calibrated for consistency, allowing the tCheck to create an accurate measurement each time. This measurement is then translated into a specific reading of THC potency, as well as, CBD potency.

tCheck 2 image is courtesy of tCheck.

In fact, with accessories, the tCheck can even test the potency of cannabis flower, providing valuable information for small, personal operations and caregivers. As with many technology solutions, the tCheck app for your smartphone logs your results, and keep track of previous tests.

In the legal cannabis space, we have already witnessed huge leaps in multiple forms of technology. From growing and curing, to processing and testing, as long as there is a demand for at-home cannabis solutions, the technology will continue to push the cannabis market forward. In the long run, the lessons learned through tech advances on the commercial side of the market will lead to advances for the savvy home-grower, as well. 

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