hydrodynamic cannabis extraction

Discover Advanced Hydrodynamic Cannabis Extraction

by | Dec 4, 2018

hydrodynamic cannabis extraction

Introducing the iaso Corporation

Hydrodynamic Cannabis Extraction is an innovative new technology that the iaso corporation has recently introduced to the cannabis industry. iaso has its name rooted in ancient healing, connected to the Greek goddess of healing, wellness, and cures. This symbolism is the core of the company’s mission to provide consumers with the highest quality cannabis products and new and innovative cannabis technologies.

The company was founded in 2015 and brought new technologies to the industry in 2018, all of which are set to change the current cannabis landscape dramatically. One of these technologies is PhytoX™, the first-ever system to use hydrodynamic cannabis extraction in the development of cannabis products.

What is PhytoX™ and what is Hydrodynamic Cannabis Extraction?

Hydrodynamic cannabis extraction is one of the newest technologies to hit the budding cannabis industry. It uses a combination of heat, pressure, and hydrocavitation to process whole plants that have been freshly harvested and extract uncompromised full-spectrum compounds, cannabinoids, and terpenes. Unstable and volatile compounds are kept intact due to using fresh plant material and the method of processing.

How Does it Work?

The system has several stages which complete the process:

Stage 1: While preparing the fresh plant materials, compounds are frozen to preserve the biomolecules, increase bioavailability and retain aroma.

Stage 2: Plant material is converted in nanoemulsions using hydrodynamic force and ultrasonication. During this process, the plant material’s cell walls are broken thus transmuting them into the aqueous phase.

Stage 3: Centrifugal separation methods are used to separate the molecules.

Stage 4: The temperature from the hydrodynamic process is used in a cold extraction process to isolate the active cannabinoids and other molecules. The total active particles are now in the solvent phase.

Stage 5: This step distills the solvents by using low temperature and a short combination path, ensuring the extracted elements are kept intact.

Stage 6: A low-temperature drying system is used, further ensuring the molecules remain intact. Residual solvents are removed during this stage using VTD.

How is it Different from other Extraction Methods?

  • The system is the first of its kind to be able to use whole, freshly harvested plants or dry cannabis plants.
  • Therefore, it is also the first to produce cannabis concentrate from whole, fresh cannabis.
  • Concentrates can preserve the full cannabinoid and terpene profile, unlike many other systems where they are compromised or even lost.
  • The PhytoX™ system uses a unique pre-processing step. By freezing the plant material before processing, the molecules retain their aromatic compounds and have a stronger scent.
  • The process doesn’t use any other solvents.
  • Due to the Hydrodynamic Cannabis Extraction methods, the process only uses low temperatures.
  • Intrinsic heat generated by the hydrodynamic extraction decarboxylates THCa into active THC.

Superior to Other Extraction Methods

The innovative ability to process whole, fresh plants renders the extracts to be of a superior nature due to their increased bioavailability. Besides increased bioavailability, the hydrodynamic cannabis extraction method presents many benefits above the other more traditional methods.

hydrodynamic cannabis extraction

The system has been designed to achieve the maximum possible efficiency from the extractions of the phytocannabinoids from the active trichomes. This, therefore, increases the potency and enables a higher bioavailability because the plant is transformed, through this process, into nanoemulsions.

Many extraction methods cannot guarantee the integrity of unstable compounds. Hydrodynamic extraction is designed to use fresh and whole plants, ensuring these volatile molecules are kept intact. Additionally, the proprietary distillation prevents the phytocannabinoids from thermal degradation, further protecting molecule integrity.

The aroma of the resultant cannabis products is stronger than traditional extracts. Because the plant material is frozen in the preparation stage of the system, it allows the aromatic compounds to remain intact. Additionally, the PhytoX™ system employs the use of a liquid extraction system which requires no other co-solvents. This method reduces production costs as well as increases the product quality for consumers. However, if any solvents do remain after the process, the system also uses a vacuum during the drying phase, which subsequently removes any residual solvent which may remain.

Another main advantage of the hydrodynamic extraction system is that while it maximizes plant utilization unlike any other method, it also reduces costs related to processing while still increasing yield. This is one advantage that businesses and cultivators in the cannabis industry will undoubtedly be interested in, because the innovative hydrodynamic cannabis extraction method, PhytoX™, produces a product with superior bioavailability and quality and less overall processing costs.