How Oil-Isolation Technology Solves 99% of the Oil Leakage Problem in the Cannabis Atomization Industry

by | Feb 2, 2022

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Oil leakage in a device causes problems that last through each production stage, as well as causing a reduced level of consumer satisfaction. During the oil tank filling process, oil leakage places severe constraints on efficiency. At the consumption point, oil spillage can reduce the longevity and effectiveness of devices, resulting in reduced satisfaction.

Significant leakage even threatens to make an entire device unusable, leading to product recalls and drastically increasing costs. However, Cilicon presents a solution to these problems with the proprietary Oil-Isolation Technology, an oil-tank design that has been proven to reduce oil leakage by at least 99%. The Oil-Isolation Technology demonstrates Cilicon’s commitment to creating innovative design features that address significant industry challenges. The Oil-Isolation Technology creates solutions for the industry, making it a leading and influential feature in the market that other firms are likely to adopt.

Industry Issues Call for an Answer

The increased risk of oil leakage caused by air pressure and temperature changes can cause multiple problems for a vaping device across the entire supply chain. If the device is exposed to high temperatures during production or by consumers, the pressure in the device changes. This change in pressure can cause leaks to occur as oil can be pushed out of the tank through the oil inlet. Moreover, with traditional oil tanks, oil can leak through the inlets on the tank at any time after filling. To avoid this leakage, technicians usually must cap each oil tank within 3-5 minutes of filling. This requirement limits the batch size and is one of the most significant limits on productive efficiency for vaping device manufacturing.

A final cause of leakage during both the filling process and regular usage by consumers is airflow within the tank because it cannot be avoided that there are some airflows that would be kept in the oil tank in the manufacture of traditional devices. Sudden or excessive airflow within the tank can cause a change in pressure, again causing leakage from the inlet.

How the Oil Isolation Technology Solves Problems for Cilicon’s Partners

Cilicon’s Oil Isolation Technology takes the oil filling matter to the next level. By leveraging the invention from our advanced R&D team, we have successfully isolated the oil tank inlet within a silicon sealing cap which placed on the bottom of the oil tank. As the inlets are no longer visible inside the silicon cap at the bottom of the chamber, there is no concern throughout the oil filling process anymore. The chance of leakage has been reduced significantly as the oil inlet will not be exposed until the oil is filled and the mouthpiece cap shuts the chamber tight. Furthermore, with Cilicon’s Oil Isolation Technology, the airflow influx stored within the oil tank can be further minimized, and the chance of oil leakage during usage.

Cilicon’s extraordinary Oil Isolation Technology is unlike any other common cannabis vaporizer cartridge in the market. We ensure that our partners can achieve the highest level of satisfaction and convenience with our products. We push the scientific boundary to maximize the users’ comfort and safety.

Creating Value for Consumers is Always Key

The advantages of the Oil-Isolation Technology also translate to increased consumer satisfaction levels. Oil leakage can cause the device to become clogged and to appear dirty or stained on the inside. Reducing leakage to almost zero before a device reaches consumers means that they will receive a device that works and looks exactly as intended. Moreover, the reduction of leakage when consumers expose a device to extreme temperatures or inhale too sharply increases the efficiency and the longevity of a device. Consumers maintain a high level of confidence as they notice that their device is still working perfectly through various use scenarios. Consumers want peace of mind to know that they can pick up their device, take it with them wherever they go, and be able to use it without worrying about maintaining or replacing it.

Cartridges with oil isolation technology

A Lasting Impact on the Atomization Industry

The Oil Isolation Technology provides peace of mind for both businesses and consumers, allowing businesses to focus on the things that they do best, and allowing consumers to focus on their enjoyment of the product. By providing value all along the product chain, Oil Isolation Technology is likely to have a lasting impact on the atomization industry. The Cilicon design team is constantly seeking new ways to improve the standards accepted in the vaporization industry. Firms and consumers will increasingly demand anti-leakage performance in each device they purchase. With this innovation, the industry is on a path towards a future completely devoid of oil leakage. For more information please refer to

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