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Hara Supply Announces Landmark Production of 3 Billion Cones

by | Jan 9, 2024

hara supply
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Las Vegas, NV (January 9, 2023) – Hara Supply, the largest pre-rolled cones and combustibles manufacturer in the world, announced the landmark achievement of producing three billion cones since its inception in 2015. The Company, which has scaled its capacity to meet exploding international demand, currently manufactures more than one billion cones annually for the market’s top multistate operators, dispensaries, and CPG brands.

At a time when pre-roll category growth is one of the most significant trends in the cannabis industry, Hara Supply stands out for its commitment to excellence in production, quality, compliance, safety, and unmatched customer support. Employing 250,000 square feet of ISO, GMP, and HACCP production space across 15 manufacturing facilities, the Company crafts premium pre-rolled cones derived from refined French wood pulp. Each cone is fully customized to meet the needs and style of any brand, and extensive quality control processes ensure all products meet rigorous safety and compliance standards.

hara supply

“Our ability to produce three billion cones in less than a decade is proof that the pursuits of quality and efficiency are not mutually exclusive,” said Bryan Gerber, Co-founder and CEO of Hara Supply. “Our process is cost-efficient, offers faster lead times, and allows for extensive customization. The commitment of our 4,000+ team enables us to continually strive for improvement, living up to our role as the most trusted partner in the sector. As we embark on our next billion cones, we will continue to innovate and drive growth for operators, brands, dispensaries, and all entities that empower the next generation of this industry.”

The milestone comes on the heels of the opening of Hara Supply’s 15th manufacturing site to facilitate the production and distribution of customized pre-roll tube packaging. The Company offers a variety of custom child-resistant packaging for pre-rolled cones, including branded towers, boxes, tins, and other retail packaging solutions. Additionally, customers never have to worry about inventory shortages, as Hara Supply warehouses client inventory and ships directly to the processor on demand.

About Hara Supply

Hara Supply is the largest manufacturer of cones and combustibles in the world. The company operates 250,000 square feet of the highest-quality production across 15 facilities, producing 100 million cones monthly, and is the first in the industry to be ISO, GMP, and Health Canada certified. Hara Supply is driven by a host of business solutions for the market’s top multistate operators, dispensaries, and CPG brands, offering custom pre-roll cones and packaging, child-safe packaging, product sourcing/manufacturing, and ODM & OEM solutions. For more information, visit harasupply.com.

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