4/20 holiday

Get Ready for the 4/20 Holiday with These Awesome Gift Ideas

by | Apr 3, 2023

4/20 holiday

Written by Kristina Etter

Kristina is a digital content creator and designer. She has a talent for creating engaging and informative content that resonates with our professional audience. Kristina’s passion for the cannabis industry stems from her belief that it has the potential to revolutionize the world in many ways, and has a personal testimony of cannabis success.

April is here! Plan ahead for your 4/20 holiday celebration with these gifts!

Every year, the 4/20 holiday is celebrated by cannabis consumers worldwide on April 20th. Typically associated with cannabis, people often mark the occasion by smoking or consuming marijuana in various forms and giving thanks for their freedom to do so.

Often known as a “Stoner’s Holiday,” the origin of the reference is widely debated. The most popular theory started in the 1970s with a group of Californian high school students who would meet at 4:20 p.m. to smoke weed. Over time, the phrase “420” became a code word for marijuana use, and references to the date and time grew in popularity.

Today, many people choose to celebrate the 4/20 holiday by gathering with friends to smoke or consume marijuana, attending concerts or festivals, or simply spending time with people who share a love of cannabis. While the holiday is not officially recognized by any government or organization, it has become a rejoiced day for those who embrace cannabis culture. At Cannabis Tech, we’re using the month of April to cover a wide range of products and technologies designed for an improved cannabis experience.


Naturally, the 4/20 holiday is the biggest day of the year for dispensaries, and according to Flowhub data, 2022 claims the largest increase to date, with estimates of $128M in sales across North America. Fortunately for cannabis businesses, Flowhub also predicts that this year is expected to be one for the record books.

Additionally, like a canna-Christmas, gift giving is becoming increasingly popular between friends and family who partake in the herb. From consumption devices to consumable products, buying gifts for the 4/20 holiday may be the newest tradition for cannabis enthusiasts.

If you want to impress your “best bud” for the holiday this year, we’ve pulled together a few products to help you do your holiday shopping in a flash!


The latest tech gadgets always make great gifts, but in the world of cannabis, gifts like this show just how much you care. Although people have been smoking cannabis for hundreds of years, how they smoke it has evolved dramatically. And science and innovation are working to make smoking safer and more enjoyable.

Modern science has shown that inhaling smoke of any kind can damage the lungs and increase the risk of developing lung disease. High-tech smoking devices like these have taken science into consideration and strive to give consumers a more enjoyable and less worrisome inhalation experience.

CCELL with EVO Technology 

For cannabis consumers, the vape cartridge is probably one of the most revolutionary devices that has altered the market. But as the vape cartridge is to cannabis, CCELL is to the vape cartridge. The ultimate in discretion and convenience, vaping devices like the M3 Plus and Palm Pro are the latest innovations to improve the user experience for vaping consumers.

Powered by a rechargeable 500mAH battery, the Palm Pro offers consistent, reliable functionality. The all-in-one battery and display allow for adjustable heat settings, preheating capability, and viewing the charge level. Additionally, the Palm Pro provides an adjustable airflow so consumers can customize their experience to their preferences.

4/20 holiday gifts

As the name suggests, the Palm Pro fits in the palm of your hand. Although its size makes it one of the most discreet devices available, you’ll probably want to show it off. Despite its tiny size, the Palm Pro is designed for elegance. Available in various high-fashion colors, including Champagne, Deep Purple, Graphite, Forest Green, and Baby Blue, to coordinate with your mood or wardrobe.

For a more traditional pen-style design, CCELL’s M3 Plus is the way to go. With dual heat settings and a stable battery, this little gadget delivers consistent, quality vapor. Consumers don’t even need to push a button as this simple design is activated on inhalation.

Yet, despite its simplicity, the M3 Plus still allows for a customizable experience. The two heat settings help consumers choose between low-temperature, high-flavor vapor, or higher temps for greater potency. Five color options allow buyers to match the pen to their personality.

4/20 holiday

AUXO: For Concentrates Consumers

Concentrates are a growing segment in cannabis sales, and while smoking hash and cannabis oil aren’t new, the devices used to do so have improved tremendously with technology. Long gone are the days of an unsightly torch and guessing on temperature. Techno-dabbing devices take all the guesswork out of the perfect dab.

The AUXO Cira provides nearly unlimited heat settings between 450-1000 degrees Fahrenheit so the user can dial in the temperature to meet their needs. With just 20 seconds of preheating time, unlimited 15-second extensions, and extra-long battery life, the Cira is perfect for one, or it can be the center of a 4/20 holiday party.

4/20 holiday gift

Take the fun in dabbing up a notch with the Cenote by AUXO. With beautiful curves and soft edges, at first glance, the Cenote hails a sophisticated and stylish design. But, with a flip of the switch, it becomes the life of the party with eight lighting settings for an immersive sensory experience.

Functionality encompasses this innovative little rig. If the flavor is the question, the Cenote is the answer with disposable ceramic nails, a temperature range of 392-644 degrees Fahrenheit, and a customizable Pro Mode for precision vaping. The Cenote is compatible with any Qi-certified wireless charging pad, so you can skip the cords and messy entanglements.

4/20 holiday gift, cenote

The Helix by Vessel

Despite technology upgrades and ingenious products, flower still reigns supreme in total sales. So, for the discerning consumer who still loves to light up, the Helix by Vessel is a great way to do it. The patent-pending design provides filtering and cooling for a better smoking experience.

The technology in this piece lies in its engineering and craftsmanship. Made with pure, non-toxic brass, the internal double helix increases surface area and distance to allow for better cooling airflow. Available in four colors with a Damascus-style pattern, you’ll impress any cannabis consumer with Vessel’s Helix.

4/20 holiday gifts


Instead of buying a gadget, you could opt for some novel goodies. However, today’s world has hundreds, if not thousands, of choices. We’ve narrowed the scope and chosen a few hot products you can’t go wrong with for your 4/20 holiday celebration.

Next Evo – Berry Swiftsticks by caliper

What could possibly make a berry-flavored sweet treat better? How about 20mg of CBD in a convenient on-the-go pouch. Caliper never fails to produce a delicious, high-quality product. Cannabis Tech spoke with Caliper two years ago on an episode of A Tech Moment to discuss their technology and rigorous production and testing standards.

4/20 holiday gifts

The only clinically proven fast-acting CBD, Berry Swiftsticks are quick-dissolving and packed with flavor. As their website suggests, “you shouldn’t have to choke down your CBD,” and with these little packets, you won’t. Plus, with SmartsorbTM technology, Next Evo Berry Swiftsticks deliver a consistently precise dose of CBD with 4x the absorption rate of regular oil-based products.

Neno’s Naturals – CBD Tincture 1600MG

Had a little too much 4/20 holiday fun? Neno’s Naturals takes a clean and pure approach to more traditional CBD products. Their 1600mg CBD tincture isn’t just delicious and effective; it’s affordable, too. Broad spectrum, and THC-free, this tincture is perfect for taking the edge off while remaining clear-headed and alert.

Neno’s Naturals’ dedicated approach to social justice reparations may be as important as the product itself. Donating a portion of their profits to the Black and Brown Cannabis Guild, the company believes cannabis and hemp companies can help fund change.

Kynn – Biscotti Delta-8 Vape

Sometimes consumers want a little more kick than CBD offers, and unfortunately, cannabis isn’t legal everywhere, but Delta-8 vapes made by Kynn are. Touted as less potent than traditional Delta-9, these disposable vapes offer a crisp, flavorful hit with mild effects.

The technology behind these vapes offers medical-grade stainless steel parts, food-grade PCTG mouthpiece, and easy inhale activation. With dual-vent technology to prevent clogging, the Kynn disposable vapes provide a continuous draw. Plus, with a micro-USB charging port, there are no worries about your devices running out of battery before it runs out of oil.

While Kynn offers a variety of flavors and effects, the sweet honey vanilla blend of the Biscotti vape combines a palette-pleasing flavor with a delightful, relaxing experience. The indica hybrid blend melts away your stress and leaves you happy and able to put the day’s worries to bed.

Without a doubt, modern technology and innovation have revolutionized the way cannabis is consumed. Products like these help make cannabis and hemp more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable than ever before.

From vaporizers and dab rigs to fast-acting edibles and precision dosing, gift options for cannabis consumers are endless. Whether you’re celebrating your first 4/20 holiday this April or celebrate every day at 4:20pm, these devices and products are sure to surprise your favorite cannabis-lover.

Looking for more ideas? Then you won’t want to miss our 4/20 Holiday Gift Buying guide coming later this week! Be on the lookout for more amazing products coming to Cannabis Tech in an interactive online gift guide! 

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