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Emergent Beverages, LLC Revolutionizes Distribution Channels with Major Partnerships

by | Feb 17, 2024

emergent beverages
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Little Rock, Arkansas – February 16, 2024** Emergent Beverages, LLC proudly announces its groundbreaking partnership with Total Wine & More, a distinguished beverage giant with 266 stores spanning 28 states. Total Wine & More now features 9 diverse brands of hemp-infused delta 9 beverages, totaling 34 SKU’s, all represented by Emergent Beverages, LLC. Facilitated by Emergent’s wholesale partner MBG/Mexcor, these brands are prominently displayed throughout Texas and Louisiana. The lineup includes A’ve, ALT, BOLDT., Calexo, Crooked Beverage, Elevado, Hectare’s, Hop the Wave, Lark, and Long Coast.

Partnering with Total Wine & More

Emergent Beverages

In a strategic maneuver to bolster its presence and influence in the beverage industry, Emergent Beverages, LLC has recently finalized distribution agreements with major wholesale distributors across several states, including Maine, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Minnesota. Foreseeing exponential growth, the company is on the brink of securing additional distribution contracts with top-tier wholesalers in key markets such as Kentucky, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Moreover, Emergent Beverages, LLC has forged a direct nationwide partnership with Total Wine & More for its non-alcohol and spirits brands Beckett’s, featuring 8 SKUs, and the Long Coast variety 8-pack.

Emergent Beverages, LLC stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the beverage industry. Founded by a team of seasoned beverage professionals, the company is committed to empowering adult hemp and non-alcoholic brands through unparalleled manufacturing and distribution solutions across the United States. Its visionary approach targets the rapidly expanding markets of hemp-infused and non-alcoholic spirits beverages, offering consumers innovative alcohol alternatives that redefine the drinking experience.

Emergent Beverages

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