nano-technology, water soluble THC

Dynamic Duo Makes Cannabis Technology a Family Affair

by | Dec 29, 2021

nano-technology, water soluble THC

Written by Kristina Etter

Kristina is a digital content creator and designer. She has a talent for creating engaging and informative content that resonates with our professional audience. Kristina’s passion for the cannabis industry stems from her belief that it has the potential to revolutionize the world in many ways, and has a personal testimony of cannabis success.

When asked about the unique partnership that launched Go NXTLVL, Meghan Davis declared, “I couldn’t be more grateful.” You see, Meghan, and her co-founder, Roger Davis, share more than a business and similar surnames; they share DNA.

“Sure, he’s my dad, but he’s also my business partner and my best friend,” Meghan gushed.

While antiquated stigmas and stereotypes about cannabis would make us believe that marijuana destroys families, NXTLVL, a cannabis research and development company, was founded on family values and strengthened by family ties.

During our interview, Roger describes the “light bulb moment” after his mother was diagnosed with spinal cancer and her physician recommended medical cannabis.

“I said, my God – I could be providing cannabis to people like my mother,” Roger declared. “With that, we switched our processes to growing cannabis in the most non-idle, all-natural, as close to organic as we could get, and that’s when I asked Meghan to join me.”

From the Grow Room to Full-Spectrum Nano-Encapsulation

Meghan also attributes the experience with her grandmother to her decision to pursue opportunities in cannabis rather than go to law school. “We would give her a 1:1 gummy, and it was amazing just how much it helped her,” she recalled. “It has really become our goal to harness the full-spectrum effects of the plant and put it in any product possible.”

Thus, the idea for Go NXTLVL was born. Using a key technology called micelle technology, NXTLVL formulations encapsulate cells into a smaller format than other nano-emulsification technologies. With a nanometer between 10-100 versus 100-200nm, NXTLVL nanotechnology allows for faster absorption, faster onset, and higher bioavailability.

“For a visual, if 100-200nm is the size of a tennis ball, NXTLVL nano-encapsulation would be about the size of a golf ball,” Roger explained. But, beyond the simple size of the nano-formulations, NXTLVL also provides a full-spectrum formulation to emphasize and harness the entourage effect with complex cannabinoid combinations rather than the single-cannabinoid distillate formulations.

“We’ve done a couple of hundred studies through research and development,” Roger confirmed. “We have studied onset time and product stability, and today, we have some edibles on the market with a 3 to 5-minute quick onset time.”

Meghan also chimed in, “For me, the studies that blow my mind show how a fat-soluble micelle is able to bypass the liver and go straight to the bloodstream.”

Putting Healthy Back in Cannabis Edibles

In the world of cannabis edibles, the market has been dominated by candies, sugar-laden drinks, corn syrup, and less-than-desirable ingredients. Meghan explained, “All of those things are to mask the distillate flavor; even some of the nano-formulations on the market don’t have the best taste.”

Yet, according to the Davises, they’re working with brands to make healthier choices and ingredients. From protein bars to bagel salts, NXTLVL nano-encapsulation and emulsification allow cannabis companies a wider variety of flavor options.

“We have quite a few [brands] that are in the R&D process with us and moving forward into product development,” Meghan commented. “Whether it’s a bagel salt, maple syrup, or a caramel edible, we’re working in tandem with various chefs to make their specific products and ensure the taste is fabulous.”

“Even with drinks, you can feel and see the advantage of a nano multiplication using micelle technology,” she continued.

California and Beyond

NXTLVL is headquartered in California and currently with multiple brands to formulate products. However, they plan to branch out into other states and work with cannabis brands within the next year.

“Within the next few months, we plan to branch out into states and get out on the East Coast, specifically New York, Michigan, and God-willing, Florida,” Meghan elaborated.

“We’ve also had some conversations with brands and companies currently working in multiple states, so as they embrace NXTLVL nanotechnology, we’ve discussed moving into those states to facilitate those brands as well,” she continued.

Gratitude for the Opportunity

Without question, during the interview, “grateful” was one of the most common words used by Roger and Meghan to describe their working relationship and the opportunity they’ve been given.

“I am grateful to be working with Meghan. I respect the tenacity that she and other women have in this industry, and if there’s anything I can do to help, that’s what it is all about,” Roger elated.

Meghan also asserted, “It’s been remarkable, the journey we’ve been on together. When you work with this plant, it will test your core values, and that’s what we’ve always focused on, is that together, we’re stronger.”

Continuing, she said, “College was one thing, but working with my dad was like going to the best graduate school!”