CulinaryCannaCo. in Partnership with Trumarks™ to Launch Cannabis-Infused Premium Cooking Products

by | Jun 17, 2024

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Elevate your everyday cooking with cannabis

Chicago, Illinois – Kate and Dave Nadolski, siblings, Social Equity advocates, and Founders of Culinary Cannabis Company (CCC), are proud to unveil CulinaryCannaCo., a range of cannabis-infused culinary ingredients, from mixes to cooking oils designed to transform your meals into magical culinary adventures. CCC is the first social equity licensee to use Trumarrks on all its products. Trumarks allows consumers to scan the Trumarks QR code on products to uncover a wealth of information, including product details such as origin, cultivation, and processing methods, all accessible directly through a smartphone before making a purchase.

CulinaryCannaCo. stands out in the market with its exclusive Instant Magic Makers, powered by a self-emulsifying drug delivery system (SEDDS) technology, which is the foundation of its cannabis-infused culinary offerings. This revolutionary system enhances the bioavailability and potency of cannabis and targets lymphatic absorption, guaranteeing swift onset periods from five to fifteen minutes, often working within just two to three minutes. Instant Magic Makers redefine the edible experience, providing dosing precision that eliminates the concern of overconsumption

“Regardless of your cooking level, CulinaryCannaCo. is your partner in crime in cooking cannabis cuisine with an indie twist. This venture represents the culmination of a lifetime of dedication, with responsible and ethical sourcing practices and every product meticulously tested to perfection,” said Kate and Dave Nadolski. “We are carving out a new pantry aisle in your neighborhood dispensary.”

Kate, a veteran of food and industrial manufacturing with experience selling to Tootsie Roll, Hostess, and PepsiCo, has spearheaded the creation of CulinaryCannaCo.’s offerings with an assortment of high-quality products, each crafted with methodical attention to quality and taste, including:

  • Maple Syrup: Transforms any pancake into paradise. 
  • Olive Oil: A non-frying oil that adds a little touch of magic to salads, dipping sauces and other dressings
  • Coconut Oil: A vacation for taste buds, whether you’re sautéing, baking, or substituting for butter.
  • Vegetable Oil: Enjoy a nostalgic taste with a modern twist; perfect for non-frying applications and those with dietary restrictions. 
  • Honey: Sweeten your tea time with infused honey, nature’s golden nectar, with a touch of cannabis.
  • Boxed Mixes: These take-and-bake packages of brownies, birthday cakes, chocolate chip cookies, and waffles contain a secret ingredient: cannabis oil!  

Products will be available soon at an Illinois dispensary near you.

Visit to learn more about CulinaryCannaCo., share recipes, showcase creations, and talk to other cooks. 



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