Clinical Research Underway on Cannabis Edibles in Canada

by | May 1, 2019

Written by Tiffaney Conner

On October 17, 2018, the Cannabis Act passed in Canada and was designed to create a strict legal framework for controlling the production, distribution, sale, and possession of cannabis across the country. The Act aims to accomplish three goals: to keep marijuana out of th e hands of youth, to keep profits out of the pockets of criminals, and to protect public health and safety by allowing adults access to legal cannabis. According to the Department of Justice, the Federal, provincial and territorial governments share in the responsibility for overseeing the cannabis regulation system. The origin of public health regulations and standards often begin with clinical trials and KGK Science is presiding over the new system in cannabis research.

Federal Supply Means Federal Regulation

Canadians now have the option and support of the federal government to supply and test for cannabis legally. One new challenge for the country has been to develop a specific framework and system in which to propel the industry standards forward uniformly and swiftly. The expertise of KGK Science is stepping in to fill the need immediately.

With the combination of integrated scientific, clinical research, commercial and regulatory expertise, KGK Science in London, Ontario delivers solutions for propelling health and wellness products to market. Additionally, they proactively and successfully transfer decades of clinical trials, studies and skills previously acquired to be a significant testing factor in the rapidly blooming cannabis and hemp industry. KGK Science aims to be the premier and most trusted Clinical Research Organization (CRO) for nutritional and cannabinoid scientific research by revolutionizing the way people will think about evidence-based nutrition.

Support for Clinical Trials for Edibles

With cannabis laws continuing to change across the world at a demanding pace, health professionals and patients who opt to participate in clinical trials drive new information forward and promote awareness for public health issues. KGK Science is currently conducting an innovative research study examining the metabolism, bioavailability, and effectiveness of a new proprietary oil of both CBD and THC in an edible.

In recently speaking with Matt Pizzuti, MSc, the B2B Marketing Manager for KGK Science, he proudly shared Auxly, an international vertically integrated cannabis company, recently acquired their firm. The Canadian government granted a research license to KGK Sciences to make them the first to be able to conduct cannabis research legally. KGK Science is also working directly with cannabis licensed producers in different locations in Canada, across the United States, and worldwide.

“We really are considered the cannabis stamp of approval,” Pizzuti humbly discloses.

A Need for Canadian Volunteers

Approved by Health Canada and an independent ethics review board, the study is still looking for participants. Qualified participants must have Canadian citizenship and be able to abstain from cannabis for four weeks. The study is looking for men and women between the ages of 18 to 45, occasional cannabis users who can travel to the London, Ontario location. The clinical trial spans a several day period, and patients may also receive a monetary incentive if selected to partake. There is no financial cost to participants, and medical physicians monitor the clinical study.

Conducting past clinical trials on the natural product market has ultimately helped bring new, unique and clinically validated health and wellness products to the market. Having scientific evidence to back up the claims on the natural health products ultimately gives the consumer confidence that the products they are buying are both safe and effective. Clinical trials are also necessary because they bring hope and encouragement to people looking for innovative options of wellness, and cannabis is a natural wellness option for many.

Previously, many patients learned about clinical trials when they were entirely out of options. KGK Science is proactive in performing clinical trials with cannabis now. This creates new possibilities for medicine, science, testing, and research. KGK Science can now start determining appropriate standardization in the cannabis market. Standardization continues to bring legitimacy to the growing cannabis industry which is propagating much faster than anyone previously imagined or predicted.

Clinical Studies Make Historical Discoveries

In the history of clinical trials, it was random experimentation which led to the approval of preventative treatments for diseases such as polio. These types of tests also nearly eliminated measles and contributed to the scientific foundation of many other health policies, including those of tuberculosis. Research and clinical trials are only possible with funding, and often companies will compete for paltry tax dollars or grant money. The Canadian government and Health Canada are supporting these clinical trials from KGK Science to understand the cannabis plant better and how it contributes to the health and betterment of Canadian citizens.

Likewise, the Canadian government also supports farmers with providing land to grow cannabis for its citizens. There is an abundance to learn from this progressive country which is setting cannabis standards worldwide through clinical trial research, standardization, and testing. There are unlimited opportunities for education, business, farming, banking, science and research in the cannabis industry.

Everybody in the world can benefit from conducting cannabis clinical trials and studies. Patients have complete control of their participation in a clinical study. For any product to make it to trial, it has been highly vetted through many tests to ensure safety and efficacy. Clinical trials and studies have already led to many breakthroughs in prevention, understanding, and treatment. They also rely on an objective comparison of a large number of patients. Cannabis is not only saving the lives of millions of people; it is also giving many people their lives back. KGK Science is proactively researching, testing and educating about cannabis through research and clinical trials. With their impressive background in health and wellness for the past two decades, it’s no surprise they are helping to lead the way within the cannabis research industry as well.