smart extraction

Clean Imagineering Unveils Revolutionary Smart Extraction Products

by | Feb 1, 2022

smart extraction

Written by Kristina Etter

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Santa Clarita, California, October 19, 2021 – Clean Imagineering, LLC unveiled its SLO Cooker™ solid-liquid oil extraction system and FloraSPEC™ extraction process monitoring system.  The SLO Cooker and FloraSPEC systems are the company’s first commercial products utilizing its Smart Extraction™ technology and are designed for small capacity, research, or pilot-scale natural product extraction applications.

Smart Extraction™ Technology

Smart Extraction™ technology, used in the company’s new SLO Cooker and FloraSPEC systems, is a licensable and fully scalable CO2 intellectual property platform comprising interrelated proprietary and patents-pending natural product extraction, analytical chemical analysis, and emulsification processes.  The company’s keystone extraction technology is a Tunable Extraction System™ driven by a dense phase CO2 Salting-out Assisted Liquid-Liquid Extraction (CO2 SALLE™) process.  A Tunable Extraction System utilizes a semi-aqueous solution comprising water (a majority component) containing water-soluble or water-emulsifiable compounds and additives, for example an alcoholic beverage or any other application-customized semi-aqueous extraction formulation.  The CO2 SALLE process is the engine that selectively drives the Tunable Extraction System.  Very different from solvent blends or pressure- and temperature-tunable dense fluids such as supercritical CO2, a CO2 SALLE-driven Tunable Extraction System employs multiphasic, synergistic, and synchronistic surface tension gradients, density gradients, solubility parameter gradients, process intensification, and solvent phase shifting process for synthesizing polar and non-polar extracts from plants, foods, alcoholic beverages, subcritical water extractants, and environmental samples, as well as other liquids, solids, pastes, and slurries.

Clean Imagineering, LLC is headquartered in Santa Clarita, California USA.  Clean Imagineering sells and licenses innovative CO2-based clean manufacturing products and technology for the precision cleaning and natural product extraction markets.  The corporate vision is “Clean Manufacturing, Reimagined”, promoting the production of products using lean and green (clean) manufacturing technology.  The corporate mission is to provide small and large manufacturers with innovative manufacturing solutions which reduce manufacturing waste while improving product yields, quality, and productivity.

smart extraction

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