Sustainable and Veteran-Friendly Farming

by | Apr 15, 2019

Written by Tiffaney Conner

BioGen AG  Systems is leading the way in sustainable and veteran-friendly farming. The possibility of growing fresh fruit, vegetables, or hemp on demand in customizable containers anywhere in the world is now a reality. Revolutionary self-contained agricultural units, powered by wind and solar energy, are transforming the way crops are cultivated. BioGen AG Systems has developed a portable growing platform that is revolutionizing the hemp industry. Initially conceived by Chad Schofield as an ingenious plan to provide emergency feed for farmers and ranchers, it has evolved into an affordable and healthier way to nourish grass-eating animals. This innovative technology has caught the attention of the rapidly growing hemp industry.

Since the passage of the hemp Farm Bill, companies producing CBD products have proliferated. From chain pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens to natural food companies like Whole Foods, interest in the hemp industry is soaring. Forward-thinking and environmentally sustainable ideas, such as the one offered by BioGen AG Systems, are flourishing in farming and ranching communities. Their consistent and sustainable hydroponic technology has captured the hemp industry’s attention. The Portable Feeding Platform (PFP) is a self-contained unit with an internal bioreactor housed in repurposed shipping containers or trailers.

Challenges Faced by Farmers and Ranchers

The PFP effectively addresses a significant challenge faced by farmers and ranchers: competing with unpredictable elements. Imagine the freedom of growing crops in a controlled environment irrespective of weather conditions, natural disasters, insects, or contaminants. Moreover, this system generates zero waste. The containers can be customized to meet clients’ needs and come with engineer support for novices. The smallest PFP container produces up to 100 to 125 pounds of food per day, while the largest can produce up to 4,000 pounds per day. These environmentally friendly containers use 95% less water than traditional crops and can be designed to operate on solar or wind power, or even off-grid, expanding their limitless possibilities.

After successfully selling his East Coast tech company, Schofield relocated to Kansas City, Missouri to establish BioGen AG Systems. What began as a clever hydroponic system designed to feed his AG animals proved highly adaptable for growing fruits, vegetables, and more. The original purpose of the PFP was to cultivate forage systems in a clean and organic environment to produce food for grass-eating animals. Starting with the primary crop of barley, the PFP can accommodate approximately 30 other types of sprouting grasses. “The potential is much greater, as these units can grow everything from fruit and vegetables to hemp,” Schofield explains.

Sustainable and Veteran-Friendly Farming

BioGen AG Systems is committed to producing laboratory-quality hemp. While hemp can be grown and harvested for fiber or oil, BioGen AG Systems focuses on pure oil extracts. The grow operation takes place in a self-contained environment, ensuring the quality and purity of the product. Free from bugs or pesticides, this growing environment is completely clean and safe. The only drawback is the lack of wind, which strengthens roots in a natural environment. On the other hand, the hydroponic system’s energy is channeled into producing stronger buds, resulting in significant benefits.

As the United States and other markets struggle to establish standardized rules and regulations, BioGen AG sustainable and veteran-friendly farming offers a unique method of growing hemp and food in PFP containers, regardless of the environment. Each growth cycle takes roughly 90 to 100 days, as indoor growing allows farmers to skip an entire phase of development, enabling up to 4 harvests per year. This option is highly adaptable to any situation worldwide and eliminates many challenges faced in traditional outdoor farming. Plants grown in PFP containers have demonstrated higher extraction production and larger yields.

Sustainable and Veteran-Friendly Farming

BioGen AG  Systems is leading the way in sustainable and veteran-friendly farming by prioritizes the hiring and supporting veterans, who greatly benefit from the properties of CBD. Additionally, they are aligned with the nonprofit organization War Horses for Veterans. This organization provides equine-assisted therapy and sanctuary to military veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). BioGen AG Systems is dedicated to giving back to those who have served their country, providing job opportunities and contributing to a cause that helps heal emotional wounds.

BioGen AG Systems’ commitment to producing high-quality hemp extends beyond just the product itself. They also prioritize sustainable practices, such as using renewable energy sources and implementing responsible water management. This not only benefits the environment but also ensures that their products are free of harmful chemicals and toxins. With their expertise in hydroponic systems and consulting services, they are not only providing a top-notch product but also supporting the growth and development of the hemp industry as a whole.