CBD Capsules – 11 Helpful Pros and Cons

by | Dec 20, 2022

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Capsules offer a range of benefits over CBD oils and make it easier to consume CBD products on a regular basis.

There are some downsides to capsules, however, and both the pros and cons of CBD capsules will be explored throughout this article.

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Pros of CBD Capsules

Easy To Consume

The number one benefit of CBD capsules is how easy they are to consume.

There’s no need to try and get oil underneath your tongue and hold your tongue in the right place while you do so. You simply put the capsule in your mouth and swallow.

At most, you might need a mouthful of water to help the capsule go down.

Guaranteed Dosing

When taking a dose of CBD oil, it is hard to be precise with your dosage. Even with a dropper or syringe, you are still putting yourself at risk of underdosing or overdosing.

With a CBD capsule, you can guarantee that you are getting the exact same amount of CBD in every single dose.

If you have concerns about CBD dosing and want to be sure you are taking a certain amount every time, then a capsule is a great way to ensure this.

Carry Them With You

Keeping up your CBD oil dosage while you are out and about or traveling can be tricky.

Having to pull out the oil bottle and then try to get your dosage correct, and then administer your dose is an involved process and requires space, time, and concentration.

With CBD oil capsules from CBDQueen.co.uk, you simply pull out a capsule and swallow it, and your dosage is complete.

There is no need to carry a CBD oil bottle which could then spill, and also carry the measuring and administration equipment. You just need to carry your pill bottle and take a capsule as often as you wish.


Even though CBD oil does not have a strong taste, it is still an undesirable sensation for some people. It is the oily sensation and the taste of the MCT oil that CBD is mixed with that some people find unpleasant.

Many people want to take CBD oil for health benefits but find the actual experience problematic. CBD capsules remove that issue because there is no taste involved in swallowing a CBD capsule.

As long as you’ve got the ability to swallow the capsule, you will be able to administer your dose of CBD with no issues and no taste to worry about.

Less Waste

CBD oils are very expensive, given their concentrated nature.

Even a small amount of waste can add up to be an expensive side effect of using oil.

Even if you only waste a drop a day or a drop every few days, this would add up to a significant dollar value over time.

However, when you use a CBD capsule, there is zero waste because the entire dose is included inside the capsule.

As long as you swallow the capsule, you have taken your entire dose and not wasted a drop of valuable CBD oil.

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Cons of CBD Capsules

Though there are many pros to using CBD capsules instead of oils, there are also some downsides.

Whether these downsides outweigh the benefits will depend on your particular use case and the impact you most seek when using CBD products.

Take Longer To Have An Impact

CBD capsules take more time to be absorbed into your system and achieve the impact.

When you administer CBD oil, you place the oil under your tongue, and it is rapidly integrated into your system, and you will notice the effects quite soon. Typically with CBD oil products, you can feel the effects within 15 to 20 minutes of consumption, if not earlier.

However, with CBD capsules, the CBD oil is inside the gel casing.

So the gel casing needs to break down inside your body before the CBD oil can be released and then absorbed into your bloodstream.

As a result, you will need to wait closer to 30 and sometimes up to 90 minutes before you feel the impact of a CBD capsule.

If you need a rapid effect when you take CBD, then the oil is likely to be more suitable for you, given the longer period of time at capsule takes to be absorbed by your body.

Fixed Portion Sizes

If you use CBD oil, then it is quite easy for you to increase or decrease your dosage every time you take CBD.

If for some reason, you need a stronger dose, then all you need to do is add a few extra drops under your tongue, and likewise, if you don’t need quite the same dose that you usually take, you can just take a smaller one.

But if you use CBD capsules, then you will be limited by the sizing of the capsule that you have.

If you just personally keep one size capsule, then every time you want to take CBD, you will need to take that amount. If you want less, there is no way to chop a capsule in half, and you can’t increase unless you want to double your dose with an additional capsule.

Fewer Products to Choose From

Given that CBD capsules are a newer CBD product, they are not yet as popular as CBD oils.

Because of this, there are a lot fewer CBD capsule products available, and you are limited in your capsule choices.

These limitations come not only in the sizes of the capsules but also in fewer manufacturers and less specific targeting.

If you have a specific type of oil that you use, there is no guarantee that a capsule exists to take the same type of CBD oil for the same effect.

Decreased Impact

Bioavailability refers to how much of your CBD oil dose becomes available in your bloodstream. When you take CBD oil, nearly the whole dose becomes bioavailable.

However, when you are using a capsule, you do not get the same impact, so an equivalent dose in capital form may not be as potent as the same dosage in oil.

More Ingredients

CBD capsules include a larger number of ingredients, whereas CBD oil will only include the oil plus a carrier such as MCT. The capsules need to include other ingredients that assist with the capsule’s chemistry.

Capsule makers do what they can to ensure these additional ingredients are natural and will not strain your digestive system, but this cannot be guaranteed in all cases.

Broad Spectrum

Last, there are topical CBD oils available that can target specific parts of the body. With CBD capsules, this is not an option. CBD capsules are a generalized CBD product and are not currently available in a more targeted form.

Final Thoughts

Whether CBD oils or CBD capsules are better for you will depend on your personal preferences.

If you need the ability to have more variability with your dosage and increase or decrease it at times, then the oil is going to be far better for you.

Whereas if you want to take CBD but find the administration process tricky and you don’t like the taste, then you will find a CBD capsule a much easier way to consume CBD.

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