Cannabis Tech Startups Who Gained Attention in 2019

by | Jan 9, 2020

Written by Bojana Petkovic

Better Shopping for CBD Products

Those living in the US states with legalized medicinal and/or recreational use of cannabis can now easily obtain CBD-based products. Larger cities are abundant with pharmacies and well-equipped cannabis shops.

Some analysts estimate that the entire demand for cannabis and its products for the US adds up to roughly $52.5 billion. As a result, every customer can find a product suitable for them, from boosting weight loss to improving mental health. This is why a startup called Eaze, the Amazon of cannabis markets, stepped up to the plate and started catering to everyone based on their wishes and needs.

This is incredible news, as everyone’s demands can now be covered. If you live in California and Oregon, they will even do on-demand shipping.

Another Californian tech startup called Canndescent focuses on creating the best, highest-quality flowers and oil. However, their flagship products are Stylus vape pens, hailed to be some of the most quality vapes out there.

Tech for a Budding Cannabusiness

A rising number of tech startups choose the canna-business field. These are crucial for the further flourishing of the cannabis industry since every cannabis grower needs to have proper project management, marketing teams, and business solution experts.

As recent projections report, the entire cannabis market will be seeing a growth of 30% each year. That said, it comes as no surprise why many new growers want their piece of the cannabis money cake. 

LeafLink is among the leading new tech startups offering management and business solutions for canna-businesses. It creates business plans for brands, retailers, and individual growers, helping them reach their business goals. 

Another notable name in the industry is Headset. It is focused on making well-informed decisions based on its predictions and data it collects each year. Like LeafLink, it caters to everyone in cannabis-related business — cultivators, processors, retailers, brands, etc. Their main goal is giving you just the right insight regarding markets of legal cannabis.

Cannabis entrepreneurs now enjoy New Frontier Data, as well. The independent tech startup specializes in the economic side of the cannabis industry and everything that comes with it — growing, selling, and investing. Its data helps thousands of entrepreneurs make important business decisions every day. The info comes in several different subscription levels, and you can choose which one applies to your work the most.

GreenBits is a software startup from San Jose, California, which owns the world’s leading POS cannabis software for retail. 

The company offers real-time support and data collection, personalized user experience technology for retail, loyalty programs, and much more. The knowledgeable team will most certainly help any canna-business thrive to its true potential.

Cannabis-Friendly Platforms and Social Media

Baker is yet another exciting startup. This Denver-based platform caters to more than 1.2 million cannabis consumers in the United States and Canada and offers help to over 1,000 dispensaries with high-end CRM technology.

Through the use of Baker’s services, dispensaries are building a better relationship with the customers and thus collect much more substantial revenue. Baker, however, is slightly different from other tech startups related to cannabis — it does not necessarily focus on either the consumers or retailers, but aims to create a better connection between these two groups.

As far as CBD-consumer social media are concerned, MassRoots is the way to go! 

This social network is the absolute favorite of avid cannabis consumers and gourmands everywhere. Whether you’d like to connect with people and find out where to get the best products or show off the newest additions to your medical kit, this smartphone app will soon become your favorite.

Cannabis Tech Startups to Keep You Healthy

As you probably already know, cannabis, and CBD in particular, is proven to be extremely helpful for different health-related conditions. Whether these are physical or mental conditions, illnesses, or just symptoms, there is a chance a CBD-based product may help. 

People often need help when they want to know more about certain products, their effects, side effects, and potential detrimental behavior of these products on their bodies. HelloMD is the leader in cannabis-related health and wellness, reaching out to millions of people. 

Through proper consulting and advice, people can get just the right strain or oil they need, coming from experienced doctors and pharmacists. The company also informs you of your nearest dispensaries and where to find just what you need. 

Bottom Line

Based on everything that has been outlined above, it is easy to come to the conclusion that tech startups are vital for further expansion of the entire cannabis industry. As technological advancements continuously gain momentum, cannabis-related research will bring much more to the table, opening incredible opportunities for creative people everywhere to contribute to the contemporary market. 

These times are exciting — and we are just in time for an extraordinary ride.