Cannabis-Infused Iced Tea

Breaking Barriers with Cannabis-Infused Iced Tea: Seng Robertson’s Distinctive Role at The Boston Beer Company!

by | Mar 9, 2024

Cannabis-Infused Iced Tea

Written by Christine Tullio

As Co-Founder of Cannabis Tech, Christine passionately immerses herself in the cannabis industry. As an early adopter of this thriving market, she stays at the forefront of emerging technologies, bringing groundbreaking innovations to light and empowering her readers with valuable insights and inspiration.

In the vibrant realm of cannabis-infused iced tea beverages, innovation shines brightly, with pioneers like Seng Robertson pushing the boundaries of the industry. As the Technical Director of Cannabis Research and Development at the prestigious Boston Beer Company, Robertson is at the forefront of change.

Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Seng. In our discussion, Robertson explores the nuances and excitement of her unique position. She shares the story behind Teapot cannabis-infused iced tea, the innovative foray of the Boston Beer Company into the cannabis market. This venture introduces a cannabis-infused tea drink that is revolutionizing how consumers view and engage with THC products.

As our conversation meandered through the technicalities and tribulations of product launch it became evident that Robertson’s role was far from monotonous. Each day presents a fresh blend of product development, quality assurance, and visionary strides toward the future of cannabis-infused beverages. It’s a role demanding versatility and one that Robertson molds with the wisdom gleaned from her previous ventures with Tilray and AB InBev—an experience that equipped her to launch products like dried teas, RTDs, and quick-dissolvable sachets.

Robertson is candid about the regulatory challenges, particularly the intricacies of taxation and distribution, and contemplates the potential for regulatory progression. With the current architecture mirroring the three-tiered system akin to the alcohol industry, each product SKU effectively becomes thirteen unique entities—one for each province and territory—which complicates inventory management to an arduous extent. Teapot has strategized its distribution plan accordingly, ensuring availability in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec while adhering to local laws. This level of adaptability showcases Teapot’s commitment to providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for its consumers.

Teapot: A Cannabis-Infused Iced Tea

When talking about Teapot, Robertson’s enthusiasm shines through. The cannabis-infused iced tea beverage is crafted to be welcoming with its 5mg dose, giving consumers the freedom to customize their experience. It serves as a trendy, social beverage meant to be savored with loved ones—a reflection of Robertson’s innovative approach to blending cannabis beverages seamlessly with alcohol on social occasions.

Cannabis-Infused Iced Tea

Choosing tea as the base for Teapot was a conscious decision, tapping into the rising popularity of teas in the market and leveraging the universal appeal of one of the most widely consumed beverages worldwide. It’s not just a product; it’s an invitation to familiarity and exploration for new cannabis consumers. The flavors, carefully curated and blended with precision, evoke a sense of comfort and nostalgia.

But what sets Teapot apart from the rest of the cannabis beverages in the market? Besides its unique flavor profile and social appeal, it’s also one of the few products that use nanoemulsion technology to enhance bioavailability. This means faster onset time and more efficient absorption of cannabinoids—an essential factor for recreational consumers looking for a quicker high.

In line with Boston Beer Company’s ESG initiatives, Teapot prioritizes eco-friendly practices in its production process. This include reducing waste through streamlined packaging. These efforts resonate with the increasing desire for sustainable and ethically-sourced products in the evolving cannabis sector.

A Toast to Women in Cannabis Innovation

Aligned with Women’s History Month, our discussion with Seng Robertson celebrates female trailblazers in the cannabis sector. Her story is significant, reflecting resilience and a deep understanding of an industry that, like the products she helps create, is still evolving. Robertson embodies the forward-thinking essence of women who challenge norms and shatter barriers across various realms of professional achievement.

Her perspectives on the innovative realm of cannabis-infused beverages and the impactful role she plays in shaping the industry’s future highlight the outstanding contributions women have made historically—in fields such as science, business, and now, cannabis research and development.