1:1 Cannabis-Infused Dinner Party: A Unique Celebration of Post-Pandemic Life & New Beginnings

by | Nov 1, 2022

Written by Kristina Etter

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Join us at the Marijuana Mansion for a world-class cannabis-infused dinner party hosted by Lantern, an east coast-based cannabis delivery service. Experience award-winning dining with a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio meal prepared by Chef Manny Mendoza while embracing the social equity initiatives that Lantern stands for in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis-Infused Dinner Party Introduces Lantern to Denver

Cannabis delivery services and technologies have certainly come a long way in recent years. During the pandemic, cannabis was deemed an essential industry in many states, and delivery services were encouraged. Although life is slowly returning to normal, delivery services are still in high demand and expanding their foothold.

In a glorious celebration of post-pandemic life, Lantern, an east coast-based delivery platform, recently made a unique splash in the Denver market. Hosting a first-of-its-kind launch event at the Marijuana Mansion, they joined forces with Chef Manny Mendoza to deliver a world-class, cannabis-infused dinner party for an exclusive industry guest list.

Cannabis Tech’s Kristina Etter was in attendance for this historical event.

cannabis-infused dinner party
Editorial Director – Kristina Etter

Delivering a Marketing Hit with a Cannabis-Infused Dinner Party

Throughout the rise of civilization, cannabis has been used by ancient cultures as a means for inspiration, spiritualism, and socialization. Likewise, “breaking bread” with each other has long been used to build relationships. The cornerstone of the most memorable events usually revolves around the food served.

cannabis-infused dinner party

Now, infuse luxury dining with cannabis in a venue like the Marijuana Mansion as the end of federal prohibition grows closer, and without question, you’re in for a night of memories that will last a lifetime. This was indeed a timeless event hosted by the team at Lantern.

Chef Manny Mendoza, an award-winning chef and owner of Herbal Notes, created an artistic, visually appealing five-course meal that delighted the tastebuds and left us anxiously anticipating each new dish. Lightly dosed, with a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, the entire meal delivered a single 10mg serving.

Herbal Notes Mixologist, Edgar Carabez, served a variety of fruity, floral mixed drinks garnished with rose and hibiscus petals and an optional dab of full-spectrum RSO for an added kick.

cannabis-infused dinner party

Cannabis-Infused Dinner Party: Bringing the World Together, One Plate at a Time

Maybe most importantly, the various courses of the meal were only interrupted by the inspirational words of Carabez. He reminded the room that as the pandemic becomes a thing of the past, we must look to new ways to come together, and what better way to do that than over good food and good cannabis.

As crowded bars and drunken brawls become cliché, people are looking to reconnect on a deeper level in small, private events where conversation and communication take center stage. Carabez explained how he hopes cannabis events like this would help change perspectives, lift stigmas, and educate the world about the herb.

Delivering Social Equity Incubators

Launching Lantern in Massachusetts in 2020, as co-founder and CEO, Meredith Mahoney is a champion for change in cannabis. Today, the company has expanded to Colorado and Michigan with active or developing social equity incubator programs in Boston, New York, New Jersey, Denver, and Detroit.

This cannabis-infused dinner party came with a much bigger message. The team at Lantern, Akele Parnell, Head of Equity Partnerships, and Elizabeth Joyce, Experiential and Content Marketing, made a point to explain just how vital their social equity initiatives were – not just for the company’s success for the industry as a whole. The industry was built on the backbone (and the incarceration) of BIPOC people – now it’s time for the industry to demand amends.

cannabis-infused dinner party

Cannabis Delivery Technology Provides Robust Purchasing Experience

Lantern is described as an on-demand cannabis marketplace and home delivery platform. The platform allows medical and recreational consumers to shop, purchase, and receive cannabis products without ever leaving their homes.

In addition to simply providing a shopping experience, Lantern also offers consumer education and information about the differences between various cannabis strains.

Evolution of an Industry

Like most other industries, the cannabis industry has seen a fair amount of evolution due to the pandemic. While stigmas are slowly fading away, social events like this will become an increasingly popular way for consumers and businesses to come together. We certainly like to envision a new era of social events based on experiences and socialization. May the future be just one big cannabis-infused dinner party!