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Total Wine & More Partners with Bayou City Hemp and 8TH Wonder To Mainstream THC Beverages 

by | May 16, 2024

Bayou City Hemp
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HOUSTON (May 14, 2024) – Total Wine & More is partnering with Bayou City Hemp Company and 8th Wonder, having added their full portfolio of hemp-derived THC beverages to all 38 stores throughout Texas and all five Louisiana locations. Products available include HOWDY, Beach Break, and 8th Wonder Cannabis.

Bayou City Hemp acquired 8th Wonder in 2023, Houston’s decade-old brewery and distillery, to become the world’s first vertically integrated cannabis and craft beverage company. The high-quality product and science-based processes for extracting THC from hemp have made the company the gold standard for cannabis products across Texas and beyond. Total Wine’s groundbreaking move to introduce hemp-derived THC beverages to their customers provides an unmatched level of legitimacy to this new and emerging industry. Total Wine’s rich history of innovation—having begun their company in Delaware in 1991 and quickly expanding to 28 states—combined with their pedigree of high values and consumer confidence made them the ideal partner for this massive step forward in the THC Beverage category.

Expansion Throughout Texas 

Restaurants, music venues, movie theaters, bars, and even family-friendly bowling alleys have embraced cannabis, proving that hemp-derived THC beverages are quickly becoming the new normal. Over 1000 major metro retailers in the Lone Star State have embraced these products with open arms thanks in large part to earned consumer trust. Bayou City Hemp and 8th Wonder expect to see their footprint double over the next month as other retailers add the full portfolio to their shelves, menus, and bars.  

“Our THC beverages are taking Texas by storm and this partnership with Total Wine & More is a major advancement in our mission to bring these products to the mainstream,” said Ben Meggs, CEO Bayou City Hemp and 8th Wonder. “These non-alcoholic beverages are widely sought after and we’re thrilled to make them accessible to the customers of such an iconic and reputable company in the Lone Star State and Louisiana. In a short amount of time, our products have emerged as some of the top sellers in Texas Total Wines.” 

Nationwide Appeal 

With placement secured in every major metro area across the state, the teams at Bayou City Hemp and 8th Wonder have begun to set their sights on expansion into new territories.

“Our portfolio of THC-infused beverages continues to expand due to the overwhelming popularity of our products,” said Meggs. “Consumer trends have shaped the future of our brand and business. We adapt to meet the preferences of our consumers, which is why we are leaning into these alcohol alternatives and we’re seeing massive success.”

In addition to interest across Texas, Bayou City Hemp and 8th Wonder products have also garnered national appeal. The brand will be entering into 2-to-3 new states over the course of the next few months, with more information forthcoming.

Bayou City Hemp


Founded in 2019, Bayou City Hemp Company is a top-tier, vertically integrated cannabis operator in Texas, renowned for its world-class facility, team, and high-quality products. The company, leveraging cutting-edge nano-emulsion technology, has crafted award-winning consumer goods including edibles, additives, and seltzers. Bayou City is dedicated to setting industry standards, fostering innovation, and collaborating with partners to deliver reliable cannabis-derived products. As trailblazers in Texas’ cannabis sector, the company is committed to educating and raising awareness to normalize the industry. The company plays a key role in the Texas cannabis industry focusing on ingestible products, mainly beverages and edibles, to meet consumer demand. In 2023, Bayou City Hemp acquired 8th Wonder Brewery and Distillery, one of Houston’s most popular and respected craft brewers and distillers. The acquisition integrated the artisanal expertise of the iconic Houston craft brewer with the cutting-edge science of Texas’ largest and most trusted cannabis operator, which has led to expanded reach of 8th Wonder Cannabis and the products they offer. As the first of its kind, the combined company houses cannabis, craft beer and spirits under one roof, to be distributed and sold together in traditional sales channels across the country.  Bayou City Hemp will leverage the established and trusted brand awareness 8th Wonder has built over the last decade to accelerate its portfolio’s speed to market. Visit and for more details.

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