5 Online Communities About Cannabis Technology You Should Join

by | Jan 20, 2021

Most people are looking for online places to connect with like-minded individuals, which is why social media and social networking have become so popular. There is an abundance of different social networking platforms to choose from; and different types of venues for various types of groups and interests. There is a social network platform for any interest, from general social networks to more targeted niches.

With the onset of cannabis popularity, there are several cannabis social media platforms for like-minded individuals to connect. Whether you are a cannabis connoisseur or just an interested cannabis business enthusiast, take a look at the following 420 social networks:

Future 4200: Best Forum for Science and Technology

If you are looking for an online community where you can find like-minded individuals that share all things cannabis-related (primarily science and technological advancements in the industry), then Future 4200 could be beneficial for you. Although this forum deals with the industry's scientific and technical side, some discussions and topics could tickle anyone's fancy. The platform is most famous for its topics surrounding the hotly debated topic of extraction sciences and technology.

Grasscity: Best General Weed Forum

The Grasscity forum is a site where anyone can join and learn more about cannabis. This forum is known for its wide variety and numerous sub-forums for just about any discussion. From growers tips for novices to chit chats about the previous day's couch locking strain, Grasscity offers just about every topic.

What's more, if you want to have a change of scenery, there are even topics for non-cannabis related news, including music and sports.

But that's not all. The Grasscity forums offer platforms for those looking for cannabis toys and tools, tricks and tips, and even medical marijuana information. There are forums to discover the latest marijuana industry news and lifestyle and social discussions if you are looking to find new like-minded friends.

Here are some other forums that could be of interest:

Best Forum for Discussions: Bluelight

Amidst the usual suspects (the most popular and well-known forums and social networks) is the lesser-known Bluelight forum. And if you are already familiar with Bluelight, you might be saying, “but Bluelight is technically a subforum!”. And you would be spot on; it is, technically speaking, a subforum. But it still deserves a place on this list as it is a unique forum that could be beneficial for people looking for “intelligent discussion of basic and advanced cannabis-related topics,” which is how this forum is self-described. The conversations on Bluelight's platform are purposefully geared towards the unashamed nerds of the cannabis industry, those looking to have well-informed discussions about the science of cannabis- which is murky at the best of times. But, the obscurity is clearing as more and more researchers begin to dig deeper into cannabis- including social science as well. Take a look at Bluelight if you want to chat with others about the emerging science.

This forum is ideal for those looking to dive into the data and analytics of the cannabis plant species.

Best Forum for Strains: Strain Hunters

Unlike the other informative forums on this list, Strain Hunters is geared towards people passionate about various cannabis plant varieties. There are plenty of strains to choose from. A quick browse through most major online dispensaries will prove exactly that, and Strain Hunters is the place to go if you are interested in cannabis. But more so than that, Strain Hunters is also the ideal forum for people interested in discovering new and rare cultivars. The 'hunters' seek specific cannabis genetics across the globe, and active members can even offer their suggestion of where they would like to see the strain hunters go hunting next. But the topics are not limited to cannabis varieties alone- some topics cover extraction methods, seed testing, cultivation, and even medical conversations.

Honorable Mention for Building Business Relationships: Leafwire

Technically speaking, Lifewire is not a forum; it’s more of a social network designed to connect industry professionals and investors. But, if your goal is to connect with other cannabis-enthusiastic business people, then Leafwire is a good place to start.

Leafwire is explicitly designed for cannabis professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors. Unlike other more consumer-directed forums, Leafwire remains focused on creating business networking opportunities and investor relationships. Similar functionality to other social media newsfeeds, this site allows individuals to share relevant information and news with other interested cannabis professionals.

Online forums are growing in popularity, and the cannabis community is thriving off the ease of communication that these forums offer. Whether you would like to share your knowledge and expertise or learn from others, an online cannabis-related platform is an excellent starting point.