5 CBD Product Trends to Avoid

by | Dec 26, 2020

The CBD and cannabis industry has come a long way. From the shadows and into the light of a blooming business- CBD products are almost everywhere you look. Unfortunately, the hype surrounding the new market has led to an immeasurable number of producers trying to take advantage of eager consumers.

While most of the industry's progression is worth paying attention to, some trends should simply be ignored. We're familiar with CBD gummies. Even Carl's Jr. dipped its toe in the water offering a CBD-infused burger for one day only in Colorado. What about CBD potato chips or toothpicks? Or how about CBD toilet paper? These are the types of products that will pass by as quickly as they rose.

Let's take a look at some more CBD infusions that might pique your curiosity, but not much more than that. 

CBD Infused Activewear

Food and beverage are not the only things to be infused with CBD. Lululemon has long been known as the yoga clothing brand that charges exorbitant prices for its branded yoga wear. The brand may be a pivotable company for the dawn of luxurious athletic wear. But outrageous prices aside, activewear companies are jumping on the CBD bandwagon as well. A New York-based company, Acabada, has recently released CBD infused activewear. Acabada designs garments to target specific muscles. Their products containing CBD (which is sewn into the garments) are said to release CBD as the body moves, supposedly to assist with inflammation and pain during the yoga session or the workout. The CBD garments last for approximately 40 wears and carry a hefty price tag (no doubt influenced by the CBD and wellness craze).

The Highlife Collection from Acabada offers their CBD workout line based on the premise that their CBD infused gear will help to make workouts more comfortable. While CBD may offer beneficial qualities for sore and inflamed muscles, the efficiency of these benefits in workout gear is highly debatable, and athletes can experience more efficient CBD benefits through topicals. 

CBD Potato Chips 

CBD Potato Chips are supposedly an upgrade to regular potato chips. Earthshine Organics makes Jay's CBD potato chips and is created with “Strain Specific Hemp Plants.” According to the company, each potato chip will be infused with CBD and offers the choice of 100, 200, or 300mg. 

While there is no limit to what can be infused with CBD, perhaps the potato chip should be left as it is. 

CBD Toilet Paper

The promise of a more sustainable option for toilet paper is not only intriguing but an essential development for a more sustainable way of living. If toilet paper is made from hemp, that is great. But the marketing techniques of selling it with the promise of CBD infusion? It's a stretch too far. Hemp toilet paper is an excellent product if it can be sustainably grown and produced. Call us old fashioned, but let's leave CBD out the toilet (unless, of course, we call on suppositories).

CBD Bed Sheets

CBD Bed Sheets from Royal Heritage uses the lure of CBD in their new range of CBD-infused bed sheets. CBD's potential to help with insomnia, reduce pain, and relieve inflammation are well known, and this is why many people consume CBD. 

But consumption is quite different from sleeping in CBD infused sheets. Although a slight difference from absorption through topicals, this type of bedding uses the same marketing principles. And what about pets? Yes, there are even CBD infused beds and bedding for pets. Aside from the CBD infusion, the sheets and bedding are made from 200-count percale organic cotton. The pet beds are polyester, though, and have removable CBD covers. 

CBD may have beneficial qualities for enhancing sleep, but CBD infused sheets' efficiency may lie in their marketing alone. 

CBD Infused Makeup 

From nail polish to eyeshadow, CBD can be found in almost every beauty product. But how effective is sativa seed oil infused nail polish? While the nail polish contains essential omega fatty acids, the CBD cannot be absorbed if there are no CB receptors. By applying it on the nail, the omega fats are sure to offer some benefits, but the nail cannot absorb CBD. So, consumers may end up paying for the CBD on the label but won't end up with any CBD in their system.

How about the Eyeshadow? Well, if you are experiencing inflammation on your eyelid, then the CBD may offer some usefulness here, but it's a longshot. But other than that, there is not much point in applying CBD infused eyeshadow. 

Editor’s Note: Cannabis or Hemp “seed oil” is a common marketing ploy in many mainstream beauty products. Buyer beware; the cannabis seed does not contain any cannabinoids.


For consumers looking at benefiting from CBD's potential to aid sleep, bed sheets and pillowcases are not likely to offer the most efficient delivery system. The CBD is likely to be left in the material itself, and if not, the washing machine is likely to get more CBD than those that sleep with CBD infused bedding. The potato chips are a fun product to try but not ideal for those looking for efficient ways of ingesting CBD. CBD has seen success in the beauty industry, but that does not mean all products are designed intelligently. Products like CBD eyeshadow and nail polish are likely more effective for marketing gimmicks and trends than beneficial properties.