3D printing hemp rockets

Exciting Tech! 3D Printing Hemp Rockets, Drones, & MUCH More…

by | May 2, 2018

3D printing hemp rockets

Written by Joe Powers

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3D printing hemp rockets – can easily be done with the proper equipment and accurate information. With the recent increase in popularity of S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) programs in K-12, public libraries all over the nation are receiving grants for 3D printers. Thus making quick access to 3D printing a practical reality EVERYONE can begin enjoying.

Wait a minute! Just because your public library has a 3D printer, does that automatically mean you can use it, let alone for 3D printing hemp rockets?

3d printing hemp rockets

Common 3D printing questions include:

  • Does your public library have a 3D printer?
  • How to use a 3D printer?
  • What does it cost to 3D print?
  • Can you 3D print with hemp?
  • Is there additional equipment needed for 3D printing with “hemp” plastic filament?
  • Can you 3d print a hemp rocket or drone?
  • What’s the future of 3D printing with hemp look like?

Does your public library have a 3D printer?

Government websites are projecting a vast increase in the percentage of STEM jobs between 2010-2020. To maintain global leadership, the United States is increasing access to STEM-related training pipelines via federal grants.

These dozens of federal programs give public libraries grants for 3d printers – to further help increase access to STEM-based “hands-on” training.

How do you know if your public library has a 3d printer?

Since most of this technology is relatively new, access to 3d printers is becoming more and more available. The best way to find out if your nearest public library has a 3d printer is to either visit their website, call, or visit them.

How to use a 3D printer?

Even though it may appear to be complex, using a 3d printer – your first time – is relatively simple.

What you need to print your first 3d object includes:

  • A file (object) you want to print. (STL or OBJ file format)
  • Bring your file on a thumb drive (flash drive) for easy file transfer.
  • Finally the actual loading of the file and 3d printing of your first object (your library tech can help guide you through this step).

Where do you get objects to 3d print?

  • Create your own object on TinkerCAD using FREE online software.
  • Explore and download FREE objects already created at Thingiverse.

Once you have your object file (OBJ or STL file format) – your library will tell you what file will work best with their 3d printers – give your flash drive to the library tech and they will guide you through the rest of the 3d printing process.

What does it cost to 3D print?

Most libraries will only charge you for the cost of the printed material you use and sometimes you can 3d print for free – depending on your location. The cost of the material is quite cheap. To print small objects, the cost will be less than one dollar (give or take).

Can you 3D print with hemp?

The short answer is YES!

What’s needed to 3d print with hemp is hemp plastic filament – easily purchased online – and the proper nozzle size. HempZoo (and Amazon) sell a 3d hemp plastic filament that comes in two sizes.

Since 3d printing with hemp is already a reality with most standard 3d printers, your library may already have the proper nozzle size requirements necessary to begin 3d printing with hemp plastic filament right away. Consult with your library tech to determine what else might be required to 3d print with hemp.

Is there additional equipment needed for 3D printing with “hemp” plastic filament?

3d printing with hemp is similar to regular 3d printing with “standard” plastics. HempZoo recommends starting printer temperature at 10 degrees lower than typical PLA (Polylactic Acid) plastics.

Technical information says “variable” diameters may cause problems. HempZoo recommends using a multi-axis laser control measuring system to maximize the diameter (and ovality) of the hemp filament.

Various 3d printers HempZoo tested include:

Can you 3d printing hemp rockets or a drone?

Quick answer, yes!

3d printing a hemp rocket or drone is possible with the proper object file. A quick 3d object search on Thingiverse reveals hundreds of rockets and thousands of drone designs you can quickly download and 3d print – with hemp – today.

While it’s EXTREMELY exciting to 3d print someone else’s design, it could be a bit more satisfying to design and create your own interesting and unique objects. The good news is, if you choose to create your own designs, there’s a community of creative designers who can help you along the way.

The best way to quickly start 3d printing is to 3d print a simple shape or pre-made design. Once you have a solid understanding of the process, creating your own (complex) designs will become more and more simple.

3D printiing hemp rockets

What’s the future of 3D printing with hemp look like?

Since hemp has several thousand potential commercial applications, in just about every industry, the future of 3d printing with hemp could be very bright. As we continue to watch how industries are using the magic of 3d printing, more and more uses become available. Creative and extreme applications of 3d printing include 3d printing food, real drivable cars, large buildings, human organs, and much more.

What will you 3d print – with hemp?